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UFO Congress convention lands in Laughlin Feb. 21

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Researchers and interested humans from around planet Earth will arrive at the Colorado River border of Arizona and Nevada later this month to encounter the mysteries, theories, evidence and possible answers about UFOs.

The 19th annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival will be held in Laughlin, Nevada, from Feb. 21 through Feb. 27 at the Aquarius Casino Resort.

Dozens of U.S.-based and international speakers with expertise in the field of alleged extraterrestrial visitation to Earth will give presentations throughout the week.

Topics will include perspectives on the nature of ET encounters with the human race, U.S. and international defense and intelligence activities related to ET visitation, advanced technologies linked to ET contact and a range of related elements involved in these intriguing areas of research and widespread interest.

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Donald Ware and retired Air Force Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens will be among the speakers with decades of experience investigating these kinds of topics.

Other well-known speakers will include author Richard Dolan, Mexico TV host Jaime Maussan, filmmaker David Sereda and Travis Walton whose reported abduction by ETs on Nov. 5, 1975, near Snowflake, Arizona, was the basis of the 1993 movie "Fire in the Sky."


Since the alleged 1947 "Roswell incident" near a U.S. Army Air Corps base in New Mexico, the U.S. government may have been concerned about the nature of UFOs and ET visitation.

When WWII allied pilots reported strange lights darting around their aircraft, these "foo fighters" might also have triggered interest by U.S. and allied defense and intelligence officials.

But, does this phenomenon go back further in history? U.S. newspaper accounts from the 1800s tell of strange "air ships" reported by apparently reliable citizens. Some researchers say the UFO mystery may have existed in ancient human history as well.

Some Native American Indians have legends of visitors from the stars.

In more recent times, an unusual cluster of UFO sightings occurred over Washington, D.C., in the summer of 1952. Eyewitnesses, photographers and radar operators reported and documented the unusual lights in the sky over the American capitol.

According to some researchers, in the post-WWII era it was determined by U.S. defense, intelligence and scientific personnel that something quite strange was indeed going on. But what?

Gathering information and developing plans accordingly were reportedly part of the response to this challenging situation. Other people and governments around the world also found themselves in the loop of the UFO phenomena.

Was Earth being visited by intelligent and advanced beings from another planet? If so, who were they and what were their intentions – friendly or hostile? And what was the technology that powered their spacecraft?

How would average people react to this scenario? Would there be mass panic in the face of potential adversaries? Or, would Earth be gradually infiltrated and conquered the way Europeans defeated the indigenous people of the Americas?

What methods could be used to educate and prepare average people for this alleged reality?


In the decades since the so-called Roswell incident, scientists have proposed theories about the interface of different dimensions in our Universe. In fact, it is now sometimes referred to as a multiverse – a place of parallel and intersecting realities.

Some theories now suggest that visitors are not only simply from faraway planets or moons, but exist in some other unique relationship to our world. They may get here through what are called wormholes, portals or star gates which provide shortcuts through time and space.

Why might these unusual visitors be interested in Earth, the human race and the diverse species of life on this planet in what we call the Milky Way galaxy?

It's unclear to most people what the agenda might be.

Defense and intelligence activities in this area have reportedly been regarded as a very high priority, and with accompanying high security. What progress has been made in this area? This, too, is a matter that has been difficult for researchers to uncover.

Have diplomatic relations been established with some of these special visitors? Have tactical and strategic alliances been formed? And what about the stories of advanced technology being obtained by Earth officials from ET visitors?

The many incidents involving UFOs over the decades, and maybe centuries, certainly seem to provide many questions and a few possible answers. But, it continues to be a mystery to most people around the world.

From Roswell to more recent incidents such as the March 13, 1997, "Phoenix lights" case in Arizona, there seems to have been gradually increasing awareness in the public, the media, the scientific community and within governments that something quite significant is going on.

Is the whole UFO topic a fantasy? Is it a real situation requiring that the human race prepare itself?

Are human consciousness, human development and human survival at stake?

Maybe the 2010 International UFO Congress & Film Festival in Laughlin will help increase understanding about these fascinating topics.

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