Monday, March 15, 2010

Latest UFO Sightings Reports for March 15, 2010

14 Mar 2010 - Montana, USA - At approximately 2030 hrs MST, I took my dog out for his evening walk. As i walked into parking lot of my apartment building, I looked into the sky as I do every night. I noticed a bright light in the sky moving due east. I watched this bright light for about 5 minutes as it moved over the Bridger mountains between Bozeman and Livingston Montana. While I was watching it, I was comparing it to a plane in the sky flying NW. The plane was flying faster and at a higher altitude than the light. The light was flying very slowly and did not have any of the standard marking lights that airliners have. (ie. red and blue wing lights and the blinking belly light) After about five minutes or so, it then faded out. I didn't see it for the rest of the walk. When I came back inside I checked Nasa's site to see where the ISS was in comparison to my location. It was between South America and Africa at the time. I should also mention that the light was flying at a higher altitude than a Japanese flying lantern can get and the light was flying slower than a meteor. I called my mother so she could witness the event but the light faded before she had a chance to get to an east facing window. I was happy to have seen this event and hope to see another in the future.

14 Mar 2010 - Illinois, USA - Standing on back porch smoking after dinner cigar, looked due south saw an object 1.5-2.0 miles away, must've been pretty large, rough triangular shape cruising due eastward at least Mach 1 approx.1/4 mile distance suddenly turned north, NO gradual arc, perfect L, and disappeared. No aircraft moving at that speed can do that. Object had an amber colored light at outward edges, steady-running, and 1 flashing at rear apex between middle?! Dark tonite, slightly overcast, lights were how I was able to make out shape of object. This thing just 90*d w/NO stoppping or slowing due north and VISIBLY disappeared as if the lights on it were extinguished. Dropped cigar on self burnt hand running in here to file report.

14 March 2010 - Great Britain - I was in the area of Wythenshawe in Greater Manchester with a visit to my mother (she saw that to). It was about 7:50 pm and we came out with children to the car. And at the front of us on dark blue sky we saw bright (like burning) ball. We have noticed that, because it was moving slowly and it was quite low, not like an airplane. First, I thought that it was a meteor but I changed my mind as I realized it was coming not from up but from down. It wasn't flying straight but changing directions, its trajectory was like a zigzag. After a minute or so I saw similiar object moving to the same direction but lower. After another 10 minutes I was driving home. Then I spotted another object like those two, above Timperley. I have seen something like this first time in my life. I feel scared now.

14 March 2010 - California, USA - I was at the Gardena, CA post office around 10:00am Sunday, March 14 to send off a letter when I exited the building I looked up to see an airplane in the sky. I used to work at LAX and have always had a fascination with with flying aircraft.
I never thought that I would see something out of the ordinary until I saw bright objects flying around a central object that looked like a star. I had to confirm that I was seeing what this, I asked A person that was on his way into the post office to look up and confirm what I was seeing and he said that he did and asked how in the heck did you spot that?. I just told him to please tell me that you saw that and I'm not crazy. I Immediately drove home to tell my friends about the incident. I pointed to the star looking object. But there were no circulating orbs, they laughed at me and told me it was a star, but when that "Star" suddenly disappeared they stopped laughing.

13 March 2010 - California, USA - Around, 12:30 a fast flying object going about 150 or more passed over my house heading east. It was triangular with two things sticking out of the front. It had weird writing on the bottom and looked to be flying backwards. It made a low humming sound. I had a friend with me, he too saw it. It looked to be as big as 5 cars.


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