Monday, January 18, 2010

Astonishing UFO video from China comes to light

via All News Web

The UFO footage below has recently come to light. It is believed to have been filmed in one of China's wilderness regions in the last year. It shows what seems to be a flock of birds mid-air and a glimmering UFO in the background that might be observing them.

UFO experts who have watched this clip have wondered if these are actually birds or rather a fleet of UFOs and the object in the background is the mother-ship from which they emerged. Other UFO researchers have noted that it is well documented that visiting aliens take an interest in earthly wildlife and not just humanity.

China experienced an extreme UFO flap in the second half of last year after which UFO sightings died down for a while. In the last month however it seems the UFIO sightings have increased dramatically with almost daily events that many believe might be of an extraterrestrial nature.

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