Wednesday, January 6, 2010

UFO filmed in Colombia - VIDEO

Here is interesting UFO footage found at AllNewsWeb. What are your feelings on this? Do you think it is lens flare? Comment below to leave your feedback.

The UFO footage below was sent to us by a reader. Allegedly it was uploaded to YouTube after being filmed recently in the vicinity of the town of Guatape in the South American nation of Colombia.

It shows a static spherical shaped UFO surrounded by very bright light that it appears to be emitting. Whoever shot the film has chosen to remain anonymous and little more than the above information is known regarding the video.

There are skeptics that claim this kind of UFO footage in fact depicts lens flare however UFO experts counter that little evidence exists to back up this claim as such examples of lens flare are rarely if ever found outside of alleged UFO footage.

UFO sightings are very common in Colombia. Some UFO researchers believe that this frequent UFO activity is due to Colombia's proximity to North East Brazil where allegedly a UFO highway exit is said to exist.

Nearby the town of Guatape lies the 'Guatape Rock' a highly irregular rock formation that local native tribes believe was created by being that descended from the stars. This too might well be of interest to visiting aliens.

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