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UFO Reports For New Year's Day 2010

1 January 2010 - Florida, USA - Guys, Last night just after New Years 12:05 am 1/1/09 My family witnessed and video taped a V formation of 10-12 Lights in Jupiter Florida. These lights were orange in appearance and moved from the E to NNE just over the trees in our back yard, The video does show the lights and trees illuminated from the Full Moon. Did You get any other reports from this area ? This is nothing I could Identify or from the movement and size of image as normal. Please call me for further help. I have not reported this yet! 2 minute video shows lights. 1.Back yard of home watching neighbor fireworks 2. wife noticed Orange and Globe type pulse of lights toward east. 3.Formation of V 4. Very odd and not sure of what to think. 5. lost in trees behind clouds.

1 January 2010 - California, USA -
New Years night 2010 just after 12:15 am, I looked out my Patio and seen three red light in a triangle formation low in the Southern sky. It appeared to drift slowly West. It first I thought it was fireworks.
One by one the lights dimmed then were gone. With High powered Binoculars I could see the lights were still there but not visible to the naked eye.

1 January 2010 - Northamptonshire, UK - I looked outside the window and saw an orange sphere traveling in a south westerly direction across the sky. I went outside and saw more orange spheres traveling in the same direction but not on the same flightpath. In about a period of 30 minutes I must have seen about 30 orange spheres .(Approximately about 1 sphere a minute). They were about 1000 feet high , very bright , traveling about the speed of an propeller aircraft. There was no noise at all coming from the spheres. I look at them through binoculars. I called all my family to view the spheres and my brother took some photos of them. They were definitely NOT a firework, Chinese Lantern, Balloon or an aircraft. I and my family have never seen anything like this before.

1 January 2010 - Great Britain - At about 1:55 am this morning while driving home I saw 5 light in the sky ahead. It was a nearly clear night sky and very cold. The lights were the yellow colour of fire and flickering slightly. I stopped the car and we got out to watch. The lights moved steadily over our heads along the line of the flight path to our local airport. There was no noise. The second light then came to the side of the first light and overtook it. After passing overhead then entered light cloud and one by one faded and disappeared. Immediately after a 6th light appeared ahead along the same path and passed over in about 2 minutes. I got in the car and started up then noticed the seventh again from the same origin and traveling the same direction. We got out again and watched. After moving fairly quickly overhead it seemed to virtually stop moving for about an minute then faded and disappeared. At no point was there any noise even though it was a very quiet night.

There was a little light cloud at from 1500 to 3000 feet and the lights were below at this level.

I am a doctor and UFO skeptic so I don't know what to make of these lights. We live on the airport flight path and are used to aircraft passing over. This was different. The light were far to close for aircraft and should not overtake if they were floating in the wind. They were traveling the same direction as the clouds but were catching up to them! then seemed to go through the clouds and slowly disappeared.

1 January 2010 - New Mexico, USA - Well first of all it was New Years about 12:27 a.m. I had just walked my girlfriend outside and kissed her. as she was approaching down stairs, she immediately ran back to me ,she said" babe come outside!So i went outside and she said "babe look"! So we both looked we saw a bright red light going really slow. it didn't have the lights as you would see on a air plane. It was going south now we are located eubank and lomas. going just as slow as an airplane. Anyways, my girlfriend comes out her apartment as she approaches my house she see,s another orange bright light going the same direction no noise very silent going the same direction. We watch it until it disappeared.

1 January 2010 - California, USA - I walked outside for the new years event and in the north sky I saw 3 laser bright red lights. It is a full moon tonight and the lights were VERY BRIGHT vs. the moon. The lights position to me were at 12-3-6 o'clock at about a 45 degree from the ground up. The lights were drifting towards the west and moving very-very slowly. The 12 o'clock light started to dim and then dropped from its position in the sky, from 45 deg. to about 20 deg straight down in about 45 seconds time. of watching it. Then the light dimmed and went out of view behind houses. All the while its light emission was still visible, faint and blinking. It took about 45 seconds for this event. The 3-6 position lights were still very bright in the sky about 45 deg. from the ground up. The 2 remaining lights went dim and out about 20 min. from the start of the event. My first thought was was 3 flares. But 1 of the lights fell from the sky before going dim and the 2 others remained bright and high in the sky drifting towards the west while still being 45 deg. above the horizon before dimming out of site. My wife took cell phone pictures.

31 December 2009 - California, USA - Just before midnight saw 3 solid red lights slowly rise then hold in stationary position in elongated triangle, held in this position for 5 minutes or so then faded....this occurred from apx 11:57 PM right across midnight into the new year. Saw one of these lights originate from the same place exactly one year ago at exactly the same time. Also saw one of these lights July 4th 2008. The difference this time around was there were 3 in formation. Looked through binoculars , just got bigger red lights, no shape other then the triangle position of the lights as described above. Further more, got a call from a friend of mine a couple of miles away who was seeing them as well, wanted to make me aware of them. Googled event and other people, many, have seen these lights before, July 4th this year and New Years last year{Same light I saw} My feeling is these are not extra terrestrial , but then again, likely not simple flares as they were STATIONARY and holding a tight formation...certainly very strange..tried to take picture but the limitations of my camera at night photographing distant , relative, small objects leaves a lot to be desired....Did I mention they were dead silent?

31 December 2009 - Minnesota, USA - We were looking outside our home b/c someone in a fish house 2 miles away was letting off fireworks for New Years. This object flew near the fireworks and over house- perhaps a little over 2 miles. My mother spotted it, I and my son saw it, we told my father and had to run outside, but he saw only one blink and it disappeared. There is a blue moon and low lying wispy clouds. This was no aircraft. It was a red circle that flashed white. It was moving in a line...looked like the fireworks blinking like that, but it was not fireworks. My mom said, 'well there is an alien ship' like it was no big deal...seriously, we'll be looking for more tonight. We made a big joke that it was scared of the 'man of the house' b/c it disappeared when my father went outside and saw the object.

31 December 2009 - Great Britain - 3 lights came at a 90 degree angle to the usual flightpath of planes from here (we are under the Heathrow Flightpath), they were flying at about the same speed as planes usually do here, but had the colour of candles. I assumed they were Chinese lanterns, but then one suddenly changed direction by 90 degrees to cross one of the others, then turned 180 degrees to cross the other. Then all flew towards London and disappeared (may have been covered by clouds). They were too close together to be planes and there were no red/green lights, just orange. There was no noise, so they were not a helicopter and as only one changed direction and quite suddenly they were unlikely to be Chinese lanterns.

I was in the garden at the time to have a cigarette I noticed them mainly because they came from a different direction than planes do round here and because they were so close together and in a straight line.I first thought they were hot air balloons / Chinese lanterns. I had no specific feeling, apart from surprise. I lost sight when they disappeared, either under clouds or just vanished. (we have broken low clouds tonight).


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