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Latest UFO Sightings for 14 June 2010

These are latest UFO sightings reported to If you have a UFO sighting, please fill out a report form at MUFON.

At midnight on June 10th, a witness in Arkansas noticed “a yellowish light beam - such as a car turning around would project shined on the house.” When the witness got up to investigate he/she “saw a blue-white light glowing from overhead...and heat lightning” but wondered why the lighting was staying so long in one place. When looking out the window the witness observed white orbs blinking off and on and slowly moving at the height of the second-story level, directly in front of the window.

At approximately 10:30pm on June 12th, a witness in Georgia was star-gazing. The sky was mostly clear, with scattered clouds, but very good visibility. At approximately 10:45pm, the witness observed “a very white bright sphere” appear in the southern sky and silently travel north in a straight line at tremendous speed. The time it took to travel across the entire sky was approximately 3 seconds. The witness also reported that “there was no change of color, no trail, no deviation in its path.”

At approximately 7:30pm on June 5th, a witness was driving north on Florissant road through downtown Ferguson, Missouri when he/she noticed “an object hovering fairly high in the sky off to my North East approx 1/4 mile or so away.” The witness pulled off the road into a parking lot, stopped the car and tried to take a picture with an iPhone, but the camera malfunctioned. The object then disappeared northwest, only to reappear after only a brief moment. This time the object was closer, (approximately 1/8 mile away), and the witness was able to make out the shape. The witness described the object as “dark gray in color, no lights or sounds at all. It appeared to be a stretched star with 2 points prevalent on each end looking like an introverted “V” and 1 small extroverted “V” on each long side (6 points total ).” The witness tried again to get a photo, but by the time they got their iPhone ready, the object had once again disappeared.

Approximately three minutes after the object had disappeared, the witness described the following:
“I pulled out of the parking lot and was driving North again down Florissant road and went right pass the bank and then continued on until I finally came to the corner of Florissant road and Hereford Rd (about a 1/4 mile pass the bank). It then hit me that I was actually driving my car. I didn’t know I was driving or why I even in my car at all. I didn’t know where I was supposed to be. After about 30-45 seconds I remembered that I was going to the ATM to get some money for my daughter. I turned around and continued to the bank. Everything was a complete blank in my mind for a short time. I was very scared and thought that there was no way that I was the only one that could have seen this. I was totally shaken.”
This is the witness’s MS Paint drawing of the shape of the object:

At 11:05am on the morning of June 10th in Lansing, Michigan, a witness walking towards Kalamazoo and Grand Avenue saw something bright in the sky and looked up, expecting to see a plane.
“The sun was glinting off of it very strongly when I first saw it - only the "nose" wasn't shining. It moved deliberately across the sky. It was lower than all other planes and did not have contrails. It made no sound. When I got to Kalamazoo I realized it didn't have wings or a fin. The metal and shape reminded me of old 50's trailers that were all steel/aluminum/whatever. I thought, "UFO?", but didn't REALLY believe it. I looked both ways, crossed to the turn lane, looked back up, and I couldn't find it. I searched in the same area of the sky and found it - but it was BARELY there! It was a clear blue sky - clouds would not show up for 2 hours - and even though this was VERY low, it was disappearing. I could see the outline the clearest, the inside was now the same color as the sky. I looked at traffic and then crossed (less than 15 feet) and when I got to the sidewalk, I couldn't find it. It should have been directly ahead of me in the sky (looking northward) I looked in that clear sky for 5 minutes and could find it. 
No one else saw it. Downtown Lansing is full of people at this time of day (State Workers) and it was a warm day, so there were many people walking. I looked around and realized that no one was looking up and that MOST people DON'T. Watch people next time you are out - they are either looking at the ground or at eye-level. Anything could be flying overhead and, if it doesn't make noise, no one's going to see it


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