Thursday, September 10, 2009

12-year-old snaps photo of UFO over Arizona neighborhood

Witness image taken on a cell phone. MUFON database.

A 12-year-old Arizona girl was getting the mail when she spotted a UFO hovering over her neighborhood street and snapped two images with her cell phone camera, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The mother states that her daughter snapped the first photo where the object appears to hover above the street. In the second photo, the object is moving away and has tiled.

Following is the unedited report filed by the child's mother.

AZ, May 2009 - round squart object flat on bottom with thicker midsection and tapering top. MUFON Case # 19210.

My 12 year old daughter went to check the mail box and as she walked outside our house she witnessed floating above our street a round object not too far in the distance. she quickly grabbed her cell phone in her pocket and snapped off two photos.

This happened on a school day approximately around May 2009 around 430 to 530 pm. Sorry, I do not remember the exact dates.

Photo: The object is moving away at this point and has tiled. MUFON database.

What is interesting is she managed to capture the object as it tilted and moved off. You can see the landmarks of the houses and the trees to get a distance measurement and size approximation of the object.

She was very excited when she showed me the pictures. I think the whole event lasted only for a few seconds.

Look at the second attached photo first The object should be seen stationary Entitled ufo jpg.

The other photo entitled ufo 1.bmp should be the object moving away from the camera over the trees. I had a little difficulty downloading the images

Photo: Cropped and enlarged piece of the first image that shows the object that was hovering over the street. MUFON database.

If you do clean them up I would like to see them, please.

I hope this is helpful to your investigations.


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