Monday, February 2, 2009

Latest UFO Sighting Reports for February 2, 2009

California – 2 Feb 09 - Got up for glass of water in early AM- looked out kitchen window and saw a horizontal group of lights close together and moving at same time in SW direction....estimated to be toward Huntington Beach or Cypress. Low in sky. Lights indicated a somewhat circular shape and were not quite flashing but would get brighter and then appear to become more pronounced. The way they gave off light was not like lights from a plane in the sense that they did not flash but merely got brighter at times. Lights, perhaps 6-8, were white mostly and there was red light on one side and perhaps a green light on other side. Was not a plane- this was lateral in the sense of the position of lights- moved collectively and slowly, deliberately toward HB area. This was viewed in north Orange County. I watched for 2-4 minutes as craft disappeared. Time was 3-3:04AM. This was not a plane or helicopter- grouping of lights indicated a laterally wide or perhaps oval shape. No sound.

North Carolina – 2 Feb 09 - At about 2:45am EST I had gone outside to smoke a cigarette and I always look at the sky enjoying the stars. Looking West, there was a stationary bright object of flashing lights. I thought at first it was a plane as the lights were red, green and yellow and the airport is nearby, but it never moved or grew larger or smaller. There was no sound and when I've seen planes in that proximity in the past I can hear them. I went back inside as it was cold and thought I'd report it. I have seen this type of object at least once before at about the same time.

Florida – 1 Feb 09 - I went outside to check on my animals and of course look up, I am an avid meteor shower watcher. I know all the flight patterns of the commercial planes as we live in a country area with little light pollution and a great view of almost the entire sky. I immediately saw an object that was the brightest thing in the sky. It was 3 or 4 times larger than anything else. The object was round and pulsing red white and blue. First saw it at exactly 10:09 pm I watched it as it was stationary for approx. 5 minutes when I went inside for less than a minute and brought out a pair of binoculars. I watched the object for a few more minutes when it started getting larger and flashed brighter than it made a 90 degree turn to the left contrary to local air traffic. It was low to the horizon tree top level. It sped up got brighter still flashing and headed out in an east south east direction until it dropped behind the trees and i lost contact. The time was 10:18 PM EST when I lost sight. I watched for 5 more minutes but it was gone. The speed it was traveling was much faster than normal aircraft, but it looked like it was mush lower in the sky and I am not that good at estimating air speed but it was much faster than any aircraft could travel. When I first saw it I just knew it was not a normal object, as I am well versed in the Sky at my house, being a meteor counter and just enjoy the night sky I can tell the time of night by the position of the constellations, and know the flight patterns of the commercial airlines fairly well. When I see something out of the norm I will watch it and see what I can. I had no "feelings" of dread or surprise etc I calmly watched and made good mental note of what happened. This was a good end to the Super Bowl as it happened just as it was over. It was not a rocket, weather balloon nor swamp gas, just an unknown fast moving flashing object that deviated from the norm.

Pennsylvania – 1 Feb 09 - I was done food shopping at Whole Foods in North Wales and about to put my groceries in the trunk of my car. As I was putting my key into the trunk and opening the trunk, I glanced up at the night sky to admire the crescent moon. I also noticed a very bright 'star-like' object moving horizontally towards the moon from the left side of them moon. At first I ignored it and thought it was an air plane and proceeded to put a bag of groceries into my trunk. Then it struck me to look up again because something seemed too peculiar about it to be an air plane. So, I looked back up and noticed the object still moving towards the moon horizontally, but it started to become dimmer and dimmer until it seemed to completely vanish before it reached the moon. It went from bright white star-like, to dimmer, to a dark-orange sphere before disappearing. I thought maybe it was passing over the moon and that is why I couldn't see it.(But, it disappeared BEFORE it crossed the moon.) So, I continued to observe for a few minutes but the object never re-appeared. It just simply disappeared or whatever light was on was turned off. I thought maybe it was a shooting star - but I don't think it was as it was way too bright and looked mechanical and moved horizontally and it was actually moving quite fast for a plane.

Pennsylvania – 1 Feb 09 - Unlike what the previous person posting about the "star" object disappearing before it crossed the moon, what i saw was the moon was behind the house while i was in the front of the house & i looked up & saw this star like thing going right across the sky, away from the moon & i was thinking to myself it's too fast to be an airplane & it's not blinking & it's way too white bright to be any kind of airplane light, it went by kinda fast & then just went dimmer & dimmer way too fast. It went towards Trenton.
I'm outside quite frequently, being a smoker who smokes outside, i have become very familiar with the night sky. I have seen alot of unexplainable occurrences. This just adds to my list of many.

California – 1 Feb 09 - We first noticed this object last Saturday night. We observed it (and took pictures) for at least an hour. It would sort of drift to the right, then move more rapidly to the left - but all in one smooth motion. We saw it come closer to us and then pull away - then come closer again. We have observed it two or three times this week. It will be there hovering...then disappear for a couple of hours...then re-appear in the same general (though not exact) location. Tonight, the object seemed somewhat closer than usual. We watched it for a while and eventually it moved sort of up and off into the distance, zigzagging a great deal. Then, about 45 minutes ago (approx. 1:40 - 1:50 AM), I noticed it was back. This time it was much larger (therefore probably much closer) than in previous sightings. It looked like an oval (dark in the center) with lights like fireworks shooting all around the craft. The lights would be distinctly green, then distinctly red, then distinctly white, blending into a mixture of all three colors. I'm not a good judge of distance, it we could clearly see the shape of the craft surrounded by these "fireworks" lights. As I look out the window just now, the object seems to have pulled away quite a bit. It's about half the size as it appeared about a half hour ago. Of course (I just saw your questions to the side here), at first we thought it was a planet - not a star. It has never twinkled. Then we thought it was perhaps a satellite. But as we watched the odd maneuverability of this thing, we realized it seemed to be moving with a purpose - as opposed to a satellite making its way across the sky "on course". This is an intriguing situation and I was wondering if anyone else in the area has seen this object as well.

Wisconsin – 1 Feb 09 - I had just gotten off the phone with my sister in law went outside to smoke a grit. started starring at the stars and i had noticed this one star in particular that i had also seen the night before. if was flashing/twinkling like a star but more than normal so i looked around at other stars to see if they were doing it THEY WERENT!! so i continued to stare at this "object" and noticed that it was moving side to side and up and down. the movement was more stop and go than continuous. it was flashing a tint of red also i was freaked out my stomach dropped. but i continued to stare at it for about 45 min. at first the light was big and by the end of me watching it looked like it was "taking off" into space and the light became smaller it was still there when i went inside about 10 min ago.

Kansas – 1 Feb 09 - I was having study/prayer group and a friend who provides my transportation and I were driving like we usually do along K-7 homeward from the meeting. On my side (the passenger) I noticed the moon and made comment about a large star 12 degrees above the horizon and about 7-8 degrees to the left of the moon. I began thinking to myself that must be either Saturn or Venus. It was too large to be Saturn and it would have been last month and December for that... I spoke out loud, "that must be Venus." Then I thought that can't be right. So this time when I look the object was closer towards the moon maintaining altitude at about 4-5 degrees away. "That's not a planet" I said, "It's moving!" It looked far too large to be a helicopter and too far away or we would have heard it. The driver's eye's opened wide drop-jawwed. I turned to look at it again and it had picked up pace. Now K-7 was veering right and the moon us and the object were getting close to conjunction when suddenly the object zigzagged left and right across the road and over again the moon drivers side by now the object was on the right hand side of the moon about 10 degrees all the while maintaining platform altitude. K-7 was still veering away so we turned onto 63rd and Genoa following the object. We made our way into a small subdivision passing 67th and turned into 67th terrace heading straight at it. Unfortunately, that was a cul de sac so we parked and got out for a clearer view. Now the object remained motionless for ten minutes after the first five my driver friend called our hosts that evening to come out and see it and to bring a telescope or some binoculars. Just before they arrived the object permeated slightly or pulsed off and on and drifted slightly side to side and downward when it did so. Now the object was only about 6-7 degrees above horizon 10-11 degrees to the right of the moon and froze there for another ten minutes after our hosts had arrived. My driver and I were quite excited about all this so our male host peered at the object...he said, "that's no star that I've ever seen and he handed them to me. The object shrank on the lens and lost it's shining star-like aura. It appeared perfectly sphere like but was surrounded perfectly by a band of stark red very cut-like. It was chilly and I couldn't get a stable view as I would have liked trembling. Our hosts counterpart couldn't even locate the object using the binoculars My driver did but her eyesight with glasses was poor. So both parties decide to drive to the object. They got in their truck we in our car and headed along 75th until that ran out and we then made our way onto 85th the object motionless the entire time. At some point before 75th my driver friend called her son excitedly explaining some details. Later that evening her son said he was called at 9:20pm. So, we're following our hosts truck when the object maintaining altitude began losing us moving away above the road. Our hosts with not as keen eyesight as mine lost the object and parked we beckoned them to follow us. We drove faster along K-10 now and the object smaller now and further away once again stopped. There were a few misturns along the way it took some work to make it to the inject through rural neighborhoods. Now we were just leaving from Desoto Kansas on 95th and gaining quickly half way to Lawrence Kansas. After a few minutes 95th began to veer left away from the object a gigantic huge bright shining orb about a half mile or 2/3rd's mile away about 300 yards in diameter twice the width of the quarter crescent moon. Appearing about 30 degrees above the horizon since we were positioned underneath it more and 25 degrees away from the moon still and to the right. We all stopped and parked getting out of our vehicles. Suddenly The bright white shining light turned off and what remained was a ring composed of lit multicolored square panels that flashed off and on with various different colors perhaps even rotating...the flashes made that somewhat confusing though. It held that shape for only 5 seconds or less and then the flashes stopped and suddenly the object was square shaped or perhaps looked square front light white left side red to yellow pulsing blue light right and green light tail. The object moved along the horizon away from the moon disappearing over Olathe. At that point anyone would pass it for a plane.

Colorado – 1 Feb 09 - My wife and I were outside and both noticed a bright white light moving silently from north west to south east. It seemed to slow down and change from white to slightly red then vanish. On realizing what we were seeing, my wife and I both got goose bumps and felt our eyes watering. Almost right away it was seen again much lower in the sky moving from east to west. At this point it was white again. It moved fairly quickly across the sky and then vanished again. The reason it caught our eye was that it had no flashing lights or sound. Living near Buckley Air Force base and Denver International Airport we see aircraft all the time. There are always flashing lights on the planes and quite a bit of noise. We unfortunately have no photos or video to back what we saw.

Colorado – 31 Jan 09 - I was at a friend's house in Pueblo. Just before 2100, I was on my way out to the garage in back of the house to retrieve some items from my car. I left through the back door and began crossing the backyard. Looking up in the sky, I saw movement of lights. There were 3 small spherical, orange lights moving briskly from east to west across the sky. They were in constant reformation, initially all flying in a straight line, then moving farther apart, back together again, then moving into a triangular formation, and, again, back into a side-by-side line. I continued to observe the objects until they were out of sight to the west.

California – 31 Jan 09 - Walking down the street I noticed what looked like a faint star moving through the constellation of Orion. It looked very high up and I thought it was maybe a jet flying from west to east. Then I thought it looked more like a satellite because at that altitude jets appear to fly slower, they don't cover as much space, this was moving pretty fast, and I was thinking how rare it is to see a satellite through the light pollution of the city (San Francisco). I watched the object for about 5 or 6 seconds then all of the sudden it changed directions at 90 degrees, and was going to the north. After about 2 seconds it disappeared. This turn was sudden, unlike anything flying that I am familiar with. The only other explanation is that I had some object moving across the cornea of my eye, but I doubt this as it doesn't behave like "floaters" we can sometimes see in our eye. I was a bit shaken by the experience. The object was as faint as a faint star, looked more like white light than blue. There were no other colors and it was constant, not blinking or oscillating in intensity.

Colorado – 30 Jan 09 - Was in the back yard. Looking out to the southeast, I see a bright light far off in the distance, pretty high, almost 45 degrees up. It appears to be moving upward, and toward the south, maybe south-east. At first it looked kind-of like a plane, but there were no flashing lights, and it looked just a little bit orange-ish. Something about the light just looked different from the lights of a plane. As it rose up higher, moving away from me, a few seconds after I started watching it it just became dimmer and dimmer as it moved away, until I couldn't see it anymore. Not sure if it's because the light it emitted got dimmer, or the object was just moving away really fast. The whole sighting lasted about 30 seconds or so. After seeing this, I of course began watching the sky even more closely, and I spotted another light that looked exactly like it to the north of me. The same thing happened as I started watching it, and it got dimmer as it rose up in the air. It was the same color, no flashing lights, and may have very well been moving in the same direction as the other one, from my perspective. This one was lower to the horizon, maybe only 25 degrees up from the horizon. At this point I'm pretty sure that what I saw was something moving out from somewhere, and dimming itself as it rose up. It didn't look like it was moving away at super-speed, unless it was really far away. It was definitely moving faster than other aircraft in the area that I see flying around. I continued to watch the sky for awhile after that to see if they would pop back up somewhere along the trajectory they seemed to be traveling, or if I could spot any more of them, but I did not. I could tell by the intensity of the light being emitted, and the lack of atmospheric distortion that these things were not extremely high up like a satellite, and more at the level that other aircraft fly at, or at least the second one was. I think the first one I saw may have been pretty high up, though. The first one I spotted I almost mistook for a really bright star or a planet at first glance (as the planets were very bright this evening), of course until I did a double-take and realized it was traveling.

California – 29 Jan 09 - On January 29th about 6 P.M. I was taking pictures of the Queen Mary. Later that evening I downloaded my pictures off my digital camera and then I realized there were 4 oval lights in one of my photos. My camera was on a long exposure and has exaggerated the lights a little but yet these lights do not seem to be a reflection of any other lights in the area. My friends have reviewed the photo but no one seems to have an explanation.

Nebraska – 28 Jan 09 - Taking the dog out for a walk, I will always look up in the sky to view the heavens. This night I saw something a little different. We were in the backyard of my home and just happened to look up toward the south and saw a flaming object coming toward earth at a 45 degree angle. It was heading westward. The color was red/yellow and I think mostly from the fire that was surrounding it. There was also a short tail of fire following. My first thought was a meteor, as I saw details on the surface of the object that appeared to be circles or craters. It was coming in at a very high rate of speed and I was only able to view it for a few seconds before it went out of sight behind some trees. The height from the earth was lower than a jetliner, I'd guess about 20,000 feet. The size was very large, I would compare it to about half the size of the moon (although the flames surrounding it could have made it look larger). I would say at the way it was heading it would have crashed about 50-100 miles away. It was close enough that I was waiting to feel or hear an impact, but did not. A side note, the next morning I noticed some army helicopters flying over toward the area I viewed the sighting. It is a rare thing (only once I've noticed in ten years) to see these fly over our place. I've seen many things in the sky and many shooting stars, but nothing ever this close and vivid.
Have you any other reports of this?

Texas – 11 Jan 09 - I was at work at the Sharyland water plant number 1 on the corner of Shary Road and 5 mile road. around approximately 9:00 PM I observed a light which I first thought to be a star, it had the shimmering effect you see in stars which are low on the horizon, until it began to move. I have been an amateur astronomer since I was 8 years old. I also have 11 years of active duty experience, I have lived near both military air bases and commercial airports and have observed just about every type of commercial and military aircraft including helicopters. I do not believe this was any type of conventional aircraft. the object was at a position to my south, I am guessing distance at around 5 to 10 miles. The object would maneuver and then hover and brighten dramatically, again I have seen the police and customs helicopters at work in the areas,and this was not a helicopter. The object originally moved from east to west, then returned to an easterly heading and I lost sight of it behind a line of trees to my south east. I have included the video clips I caught with my camcorder, these dates span from Jan 11,12,13. I was working at the plant on all these nights. and the sighting times varied from 07:00 pm to around the time when my shift ended at midnight. I was fairly calm throughout the sightings,as I have been a paranormal investigator for the past 6 years.


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