Friday, February 6, 2009

UFO Sighting Over Santa Cruz Mountain Region

This report is just in from Linda:

It started as a big bright white/yellow lighted craft flying slowly towards and above the santa cruz mountain region from the pacific coast. As it came closer, this larger craft was somewhat reminiscent of general airplane characteristics with its red and white lights flashing from beneath and around the craft. As it furthered its trajectory though, and flew overhead, what boggled my mind was the adjacent craft that flew alongside it. It was a much smaller craft (about the size of a private jet) with a singular white light moving briskly and somewhat more graceful (for lack of a better term) than any other aircraft I've witnessed (perhaps it was a shape which allows for better aerial grace, like a disc of sorts). Furthermore, it produced no sound whatsoever. In the dark and without a telescope, it resembled a little star moving through the atmosphere at a steady speed while in conjunction with this other larger craft. I've never seen anything like this..... Oh, and also maybe related to this incident, shortly thereafter the internet and phone connection went down at the residence where i witnessed this, as if such passing of this craft might have altered satellite transmission within the vicinity.