Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mysterious creatures and UFO sightings baffle Pennsylvanians

Pennsylvania Ufologist Stan Gordon is reporting that UFO and other unusual strange incidents came in during 2008 from 50 counties - up from 37 counties the previous year. Giant birds - also known as Thunderbirds - Bigfoot and UFOs continue to be reported in the Keystone state.

Motorists in Wasgington County traveling along a major route in May pulled over to watch as a ''huge dark colored flying creature that looked more like a giant bat than a bird'' was low flying as it passed over the cars.

A Warren County woman reported in May that a Bigfoot-like creature climbed onto her home deck as she watched from inside.

While a major increase in UFO reports were coming from the eastern end of the state this year, Gordon reports that many unusual stories from the western end of the state include spherical, disc-shaped, luminous objects and triangular-shaped objects. Multiple witnesses from several locations reported a glowing whtie object on Sept. 5. Two Elk County hunters first saw glowing lights in the woods on Oct. 5, and soon discovered a glowing human-like form standing about 3 feet tall. On the same date in Tioga County, a cigar-shaped object was spotted approaching from the north.

Read Gordon's full report here.