Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Latest UFO Sightings for January 28, 2009

-I was outside my house about 7:30 PM enjoying the night sky when I looked to the west and saw a very large, white lighted circular shape. The light was extremely close to the ground about 2000 feet and 10 miles away to the west over the Everglades. I watched for about 5 minutes and the object never moved. I first thought it was a helicopter with a search light: however a helicopter happened to fly in front of the object, and clearly was much smaller than what I was seeing.

The helicopter was much closer to me, so if the object was a helicopter then it would have appeared smaller do to the fact it was further west then the helicopter. I also saw a red light much higher to the northwest that also never moved for the 5 minutes but had to be 20,000 ft. and 3x the distance from the object.

I went into my house to get my wife and she came out and observed the sight with me. Her first thought was it was a planet (Venus), but was in the wrong position. After watching for another 10 minutes and the object never moving, my neighbors came by walking and I pointed out the light to them. They were amazed as I was how large and it was. source:

Indiana-01-05-09-The night was very clear and cold with moonshine and no clouds. As I was closing curtains on the south side of the house, I stood and watched the sky for a while. Then from the east, an oval-shaped object came into view.

It had one solid, very bright white light and flashed a very bright white light. Right behind it, was a small sphere. It was a dull to light red color, following like a caboose on a train.

I compared the first object to other planes in the area, but it was not a plane. I have never ever seen anything like that. source:

Nebraska-01-10-09-I was driving in Nebraska on highway 80 going west near Grand Island when I looked to the sky and noticed a big, circular object moving at a high speed. It was bright green, and glowing, and was a little smaller than the size of the sun.

I had no idea what it was when I first noticed it because it was too big to be anything identifiable. It seemed to be over 10,000 feet high, but no higher than 14,000. I spotted it midway in the sky and it quickly sank below the horizon never to be seen again.

I didn't see it for more than 45 seconds. I was stunned when I saw it and immediately thought it was a UFO. I was excited and scared and looked all around for other signs of UFOs. I considered calling the highway patrol, but knew they would do nothing about it. source:

Northern Ireland-12-31-08-I was fascinated last night when I turned the news on and heard the story about the possible UFO sighting and wind turbine damage in England. It was just over a week ago I saw not only one, but two yellow orange lights in the sky as I gazed out the window of our house at 6 AM on Dec 31.

I didn't tell too many at the time, as I didn't think anyone would believe me and what I saw was really strange. It was not an aircraft as there was no noise. They seemed to hover for a short time and then they took off really quickly. It was faster than any plane I have ever seen in the sky.

The speed was unreal. I watched as one disappeared into the distance, and then the other just appeared to disappear. I am totally convinced that this was a UFO, but I guess I will never know. Alison from Poyntzpass, Co. Down, Northern Ireland,