Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Latest UFO Sightings for December 17, 2008

From Ufos/Aliens

I was outside having a party for my Mom, and I was helping my cousin direct traffic. Then suddenly we saw an object come out of nowhere just floating, then flying in the air. It had two lights in the front, middle, and back. It was a very scary event because it made no noise and we had never seen an object like this before.

It looked hexagonal, but half of it was covered with this fog or smoke. It was flying over the tree line of my front lawn and then about five minutes later, it flew south towards the highway, and looked like a star blinking very brightly. It was very slow at first, but when it moved it went faster than anything I have ever seen with my eyes.

It looked like a bolt of lighting when it took off. My grandmother, cousins, and a friend saw it also. I tried to take a picture of it and when I put my cell phone up to the sky it was just stars and black. After seeing this object we were very scared, but interested in learning more. source:

Pennsylvania-12-02-08-This is the second day of UFO sightings in this same area. I filed a report with MUFON for the first series of sightings. My fiance and I were traveling the same route that we do everyday-the route that we had during first series of UFO encounters, when we sighted two UFOs at the same intersection.

Someone in a UFO meeting group that I belong to researched our sightings, and said these objects couldn't be Venus or Jupiter. The objects appeared to be spherical and glowing very brightly. One of the objects moved in a circular motion: the other moved very slowly. We will be traveling this same route almost every night and report to MUFON any other UFO sightings we may encounter. source:

Pennsylvania-12-03-08-I was headed to work at 5:55 AM, and as I approached the corner of 413 and 202 to make a right. I noticed a car that was headed south in my path driving very slowly and turn right to a stop at the corner of 202 and 413. The driver had the window turned down and had his head sticking out the window, looking up.

I followed his line of sight and discovered a craft about 3 to 4 inches in size hovering about 45 to 60 degrees above the treetops shaped like a crescent, but wider. It was changing colors from pink, green, blue, and yellow from end to end, and appeared to be "steaming," as if hot on this very cold morning.

With the traffic behind me, I proceeded to complete a right turn and headed away from the craft, and minutes later noted that it was to my left above the trees as I headed south on 202 about 3 miles to Doylestown.

I followed the road into State street, and as I was driving noticed that the craft was now smaller-about an inch in size, and hovering between the buildings with a clear view of State street.

I parked my vehicle as I always did next to the curb outside of the Bagel Barrel, stopped the car, and ran in to get Pat Murphy, the owner, Craig, and another assistant at the shop to look at the object. All three gentlemen concurred with me that it was not a plane, helicopter or star. source:

Pennsylvania-12-05-08-I was driving on Highway 413 towards 95 at around 8:15 AM. I was a passenger in the vehicle, and never took my attention away from this large, unknown flying object.

It was big, round, and off in the distance. It appeared to be shiny, metallic, and unmoving. When we drove around a bend behind some trees we lost sight of it for good. The skies were clear at the time. source:

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