Saturday, January 3, 2009

Unexplained lights spotted over Harlech Castle on New Year’s Eve

OBSERVERS reported seeing a ‘cluster’ of unexplained lights in the sky over Harlech on New Year’s Eve.

Several witnesses spotted the five lights hovering over Harlech Castle on Wednesday.

Dennis Davies, 47, had been on duty as a Welsh ambulance services NHS trust first responder.

He said: “It was quite strange. On New Year’s Eve at 11.40pm I saw a cluster of five lights hovering in mid air above the castle. They floated up slowly and vanished. I called a friend who also saw them.

“I also know people at a local care home saw them too. At least six people altogether.”

Officials couldn’t explain the mysterious lights.

A North Wales Police spokeswoman said the force had received no report of any lights.

And Welsh historic monuments body Cadw said there were no events at its sites across Wales that night.

Daily Post

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  1. Dear all,
    I'm afraid to be the bearer of bad news regarding the unexplained lights above Harlech on dec 31st 2008. I witnessed these with my partner as we sat around wood fire in my garden on new years eve. I went in to my house to wake my house mate at 11.35pm. Upon returning to the garden i also witnessed these mysterious pulsating orb like orange lights. However after 2-3 minutes one went out and another went out. One then floated upwards to join the other remaining two, which shortly went out. A total of three more went up separately and eventually went out. I then realized that this wasn't little green men wishing us a happy new year but and 'Earthling'. Setting off some fire lanterns. A few days passed and i found out the identity of this person. He is Josh penny, a local teenager from the Harlech area. like i said to my partner on the night, if that shoots off at 90 degrees and massive speed, then, Ive had my first UFO sighting.
    So the truth is out about the Harlech UFO. There are still many unexplained sightings out there. therefor the truth bout them also it too.

    Regards, Kevin Evans, Ty canol estate, Harlech

  2. Well, thank you Kevin for that report. Some of these things do indeed have explanation.


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