Thursday, December 11, 2008

Latest UFO Sightings for December 11, 2008

Source: UFOs/Aliens

I woke up, and took my dog for a walk at 5:15 AM. About three to five minutes into the walk, I turned northwest and saw a very bright light. I stood there not believing what I was seeing for about 20-30 seconds. I then ran into the house to try and find a camera, my camera/video recorder broke last month.

After 15-20 seconds of not finding one, I ran back out the front door. As I walked out, the light was right over my house, and no plane could ever cover that many miles that quick. I stood there looking at it another 20 seconds when the light went out, and I ran into the house.

No plane or space station has lights that bright-it was an orange light that was so bright. Other people should have seen it. I still don't know if I'm alone in seeing it. This is the first time I have ever seen anything I can't explain. source:

Missouri-11-22-08-I came out of work going to my vehicle and I looked up to the sky towards the east. There was a bright light between two stars that looked like a planet. Then it started moving slowly toward the east. I went back into work and got a couple of co-workers to come out and see it.

As we watched, it kept moving toward the east and picked up speed a little bit and then started fading into a dim orange light and faded away. One guy said it was a plane, but I told him there weren't any flashing lights on it like the rest of the planes going by, plus planes don't have lights that bright on the rear.

Now mind you, there was several planes going and they all have the same bright landing lights on the front and the flashing light on their wings. This object was much higher and moving away from us, not towards us, and no flashing lights. That's what we saw. source:

Texas-11-20-08-I was traveling in a southeast direction by car from Gilmer, to Longview, Texas, at about 5:30 PM when about 2 miles outside of Gilmer I noticed out of the driver's side portion of the windshield, a bright green light. The light was falling in a straight line at a 45 degree angle or so and was visible for about 5 seconds.

The circumference was a shade of green like that of a traffic light from a distance of a quarter mile or less. It didn't blink or flicker, but was solid green from the moment it came into view through my windshield to the moment it disappeared into or behind a thick field of pine trees.

I'm not sure of the distance from me, but it seemed fairly close because of the way it went down behind the trees. I didn't see any smoke or hear any sounds. I was on the phone with my wife at the time and watched it long enough to say "What is that? There is a green light falling from the sky."

Great Britain-11-19-08-I was walking to my friend's house in Whitnash, England. Unfortunately I was on my own, and on the phone to a relative, when I saw the object. My friend thought I was seeing a UFO.

It was an orange, ball-shaped light gliding through the dark sky with an orange beam pointing towards the ground, so I hid in some bushes nearby as I was getting rather scared at this point but I was still watching the UFO's glide by.

Then all of a sudden it raised up and disappeared into thin air. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera or a video camera with me so I couldn't get any snaps of the unusual event, I have told people of my sighting, and they all think I am going crazy, but I believe until the day I die that it was not a conventional plane or anything else. It was a real UFO.