Monday, December 1, 2008

UFO Sightings For December 1, 2008

Here are the new UFO sightings as reported by Billy Booth at UFOs/Aliens:

California-11-06-08-At around 7:30 PM, at Point Dume (north end of Malibu), I looked directly west at the horizon as I always do each evening. About 20 miles or so off the coastline, I saw what looked like a star no more than what would be 500 feet off the sea, hovering.

It would change colors from red, green, yellow, blue, and then to white. I know it was not a plane, as they would be flying higher. Also, the object appeared to be hovering over the water, and continued moving towards the west over the sea. This went on for about a half hour and then the lights disappeared. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. source:

California-November, 2008-It seems like lately the UFOs are flying over Santa Ana. I was driving on the 5 South Freeway towards Tustin, there is an antenna that stands high with red lights by the 17th street exit. My boyfriend and I saw a bright light which we at first thought to be a falling star, but then realized that our eyes had seen something way more exciting. This bright object moved twice in a super fast speed and then disappeared, andit moved horizontally.

A few days later I saw this again but this time a little closer to LA when I was driving to a concert with friends.

Four days ago again, on 17th street going to pick up my boyfriend, I was coming from Euclid to the Santa Ana College, and I first saw a group of bright lights together, so I immediately recognized that they could not be planes because planes cannot travel next to each other like that and there was no "sound" like the ones helicopters or airplanes have. These were 3 flying objects that had bright lights in a shape of a triangle.

So I want to know if it's just me seeing all these things? Since the wild fires, I have been seeing these bright lights that almost do not move and then disappear and then come back in pairs and then one of them is gone. source:

Delaware-11-08-08-I spotted 3 bright lights in the sky after exiting the Christiana Mall near Wilmington. At first I thought they were stars or airline traffic headed toward Philadelphia. I watched the objects for a few minutes. They did not move. They were hovering at different altitudes. The highest object was the farthest south, while the lowest object was farthest north.

I left the mall and continued toward Hockessin, DE. While headed north on Rt. 7, I noticed the 3 objects again. This time, the lowest object was moving toward the east, at a lower altitude. It appeared to be completely round (ball-like), but was surrounded by a light which pulsated as it moved. The light was unlike typical plane strobes or flashing lights. The object seemed to glow and pulsate. I lost sight of it as I traveled north on Rt. 7. source:

Oregon-1977-I was traveling south on I-5 at about 6:00 PM on a Sunday evening in the fall of 1977. It was still daylight, and I was on the northern outskirts of Salem, Oregon. At that time this area was farmers' fields and small forested areas. The traffic was light.

As I drove, a bright light appeared in the sky to the southeast at about 1000 ft high. It zipped straight down, then stood still at about 10 feet off of the ground to the left side of the northbound lanes.

As I came parallel to it in my south bound lane, it zipped in front of my car remaining at the ten foot height off the ground, and about 50 feet in front of my car. It was about 2 feet in size and remained there for about 5 seconds.

It then zipped off to the right and came up behind my car staying at the 10 foot height about 30 feet behind. Again, it stayed for about five seconds. Then it zipped south again about 50 feet in front of my car.

After about 5 more seconds of hovering, it took off at a 45 degree angle into the sky. I have never seen anything move as fast as this light or remain so still when not moving. I have traveled that stretch of highway a lot. Usually all I see are red-tailed hawks. source: