Wednesday, July 23, 2008

@ATS - Violent Encounter With An Alien Being

I have been reading this thread at ATS (Above Top Secret) for several days. I just can't stop reading it! There is much controversy over whether or not it's a hoax. The original poster is a respected member of the ATS community, so there are many regulars there who believe him. On the other hand, there are many who just find it too outrageous to believe...even for a contact story.

The man claims to have encountered and butchered a 6-foot "fishman" in his own bedroom while his wife looked on and his baby daughter slept.

Here's an excerpt:
Then a shadow flitted across the corner of the room, so i decided to lay still, as if it was a person in the room they were going to get the good news.

Then after about a minutes watching, this golden figure stepped towards the bed. It was appalling. I have never, ever in my life seen some thing so dreadful or absolutely horrific in my life.

It was 6 feet tall, well built, huge, and I mean huge eyes like a damn fish, and thats what its eniter being reminded me of. A two legged two armed fish / man type being. It was copper /bronze coloured, scaled and its clothing was a lighter golden colour and scaled too.
Read on to find out the injuries this man inflicted upon this alien creature and what happened next.

Then go HERE to read his wife's account of this horrific ordeal, complete with pictures of her husband's alleged injuries.

I am still not sure if I believe this really happened. At this time, the jury's still out.

Tell me what YOU think!

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