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Latest UFO Sightings July 23, 2008

Here are recent UFO sightings as reported by Billy Booth at

Alabama-07-07-08-My wife and I were up early taking the dogs outside in our front yard. I was looking at the sky towards the southeast. I noticed a star-like object moving quickly towards the north. At first I thought satellite, but then I noticed another light right behind it. I pointed out the object to my wife. We watched it move to the north, then turned 90 degrees on its axis and faded into the distance quickly. It was moving very fast appeared very high up. source:

Florida-07-07-08-10:05 PM-I was walking out of WalMart, and I saw a bubble... so I thought. At first it seemed to be about 25 feet off the ground and about 50 feet ahead of me. I kept walking toward it to where my car was, and as I stared at the bubble I wondered, "How would ONE lone bubble survive out here too long?" I walked, expecting to see it burst any second. It didn't. As I watched it, I then saw it wasn't a bubble at all, as it started to get almost above me. I stood next to the car.

It had been cloudy and drizzly, and there was a low canopy of clouds. I noticed it had two round looking lights and a lighter third. Nothing blinking. The lights were very clear, not like you'd expect headlights on a plane. I listened for sound and heard nothing. Then I suspected I was seeing something unusual. The lights were not REAL bright but were very pronounced without halo or atmospheric glaring quality. The bluish round lights seem to be directional like laser light travels, defined. Then as it started to go over Walmart, and by then I knew it was not a plane or chopper. I hoped it was a Black Triangle.

Then it slowed down very gradually, and before it had a chance to stop, it ascended straight up. It traveled upward very fast, not spinning or changing its relative position. It pierced the cloud cover, and was gone. source: Maine-07-08-08-I was up later than usual and went out on my porch overlooking Sebago Lake to smoke a cigarette. I noticed what looked like an extremely bright star, but then realized it couldn't have been a star as I had never, ever, seen one this bright. I grabbed my binoculars and got a closer look. It was hard to see because it was night time, but I could see the object was like 2 white orbs on top of each other, and it was hovering stationary over the lake!

There was no noise. All of a sudden, a red orb appears directly below the white orb and starts flying around at incredible speed. I watched for several seconds in disbelief and then ran upstairs to grab my camera, which has a crappy video mode also. I was able to capture about 15 seconds, the limit on my camera, of the red orb. The white one wasn't easily visible against the backdrop of the stars.

I could tell the two objects were miles away, but the red orb moved across the lake in a split second. It must have been moving at thousands of miles per hour. Soon afterwards, the red orb appeared to go above the white, stationary orb and then disappeared from view. I was shocked. source:

Michigan-07-07-08-My girlfriend and I saw what appeared to be fire floating through the sky at slow speed at a relatively high altitude. It ultimately disappeared into the clouds. It's hard to describe what I saw because I've never seen anything like it. I saw the exact same object 3 days earlier flying in the opposite direction at approximately the same time. At the time of the sighting, I was sitting in the back yard after arriving home from work. I noticed the object because of how bright it was. All of this was very confusing to the two of us because neither one of us had any idea of what we were looking at. source:

Michigan-06-13-08-I saw a UFO during a thunderstorm, at about 00:45. It flew directly overhead at about 200 to 300 feet altitude. It was triangular with a bright, white light at each corner, black or dark gray in color. In the center, there appeared to be a circular opening with a dim, reddish-orange glow inside. This circular opening was surrounded by small white lights. In the center of the back edge there was a rectangular red light that didn't blink.

The back edge of the craft was perfectly straight from side to side. This craft was at least 100 feet wide. Form a distance of a mile, it looked like the top of a huge cell phone tower with bright white lights at each corner.

The lights were perpendicular, like cell phone antenna. It hovered about 200 to 300 feet above ground. As we passed it by, we noticed it was huge, way too big to be a cell phone tower, and something we had never seen before. I drove less than two miles, dropped off my passenger at John's Bar, and turned around. On the way back it flew directly overhead. This event was witnessed on M-15 between Bay City and Munger Michigan near Russel Road. source:

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