Thursday, April 24, 2008

UFO Report: Strange Lights Over the North Fork of Long Island

I was sifting through some of the recent UFO reports I have received and came across one that didn't get posted for one reason or another. My sincere apologies to you Greg F., who sent this in on March 22, 2008. This should have been posted weeks ago:

I live on the North Fork of Long Island, and I have a big bay window in my bedroom. On most clear nights, I see what appears to be stars or planets in the north sky, about 45 to 70 degrees above the horizon. They seem normal, but if you look for a few moments you will see them move...up/down, side to side...almost like they're hovering...then in about 15 minutes they will have moved across my field of view. I don't know if they're UFO's but they're not planes/copters/stars/planets...

Additionally, about a week ago, about 3:00 AM, I woke up and saw a bright light moving south to north above the tree line, but many many mile move steady, then stopped...moved again...stopped....moved steady...then disappeared...very strange...

Thought I was seeing things, but finally woke up my wife to watch, she is just as puzzled as me!!! Im 45, a police officer, she's 44, an office manager...both college educated, not kooks!!!

Greg F. from Aquebogue, NY

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