Thursday, April 24, 2008

Latest UFO Sightings For April 24, 2008

Looking for recent UFO sighting reports? Here are the latest UFO sightings as reported by Billy Booth at

California-03-28-08-At 8:05 PM, I was outside looking at the stars when I saw 2 to 3 red blinking lights. When I looked closer I noticed that there were 8 to 10 red blinking lights in a triangular formation.

They appeared to be high and fairly spread apart, but kept the triangular formation. There was a single plane flying in the same direction what seemed to be seconds after I lost sight of the red triangle shaped lights. source:

Florida-03-29-08-We were at the beach having a bonfire, the sky was clear, and it was about 8:30 or 9:00 PM. I was looking up at the stars, and noticed a small red light (star?) and thought that it started moving. Then I noticed it was a really bright light that was moving, not the red light. It was moving northward and it seemed to be moving pretty fast.

I had everyone look up, and we were trying to figure out what it was. As it was moving across the sky heading to the north, it quickly changed directions and started moving eastward. It didn't turn, it moved quickly to the east and we continued watching it as it disappeared into the sky. It appeared to disappear into the stars.

I watched it until it could no longer be seen. We all deduced that it moved too fast and changed direction too fast to be a plane. Also, it was such a bright white light. We all tried to come up with a logical answer to what we were seeing but all we could figure out is what it wasn't-a plane, a satellite, or a comet... would love to know what it was. source:

Missouri-04-05-08-I was walking into our bedroom to feed the baby, and also talking on the phone to my mom. I walked to the window (facing west) to shut the blind when I noticed a bright, yellowish light in the southwestern sky.

I was looking sort of catty-corned towards the Missouri river. I thought it was just an airplane at first, but it appeared to hover for around a minute. I watched it a little longer, and it seemed to waver and quiver around, so I figured it was probably a planet, since I've seen Venus appear to do similar things due to atmospheric distortion.

As I watched, the light sunk below the tree line. When this happened, I got off the phone in order to pay attention to this light better. As I watched, I could see the light moving back and forth and up and down behind the trees. I'm not sure just how long I watched it, but then the light emerged from the trees at about treetop level and started across the road and into the field, heading directly towards our house (the tree line is maybe about 300 yards from us).

The light appeared to be of a diamond-shape, composed of 3 or 4 smaller yellowish lights, and there was no noise associated with it. When I saw it start towards the house, I yelled and shut the blind as fast as I could. My husband heard me yell, and asked what was going on. I ran into the living room and told him what I saw, so we both went outside to look. By the time we got outside, the light was gone. source:

Pennsylvania-04-07-08-It was between 1:00 and 1:15 AM, on the morning of April 7, 2008. I was in my car driving around the neighborhood looking for my cat. I saw a red light about the size of two quarters behind the trees, and it was moving. It pulsed. I was curious and followed it to get a closer look. It crossed over Rt. 309 over behind WalMart, and then I couldn't follow it anymore as the road ended and it eventually was out of sight.

It had a really bright, big red light and some smaller white lights and some other colors-I couldn't tell exactly what the other colors were as it moved quickly and then I lost sight of it. It was pretty low as it appeared to be behind trees. The red light pulsed and the other lights twinkled and changed color rapidly. source:

South Wales-04-02-08-I was walking our dogs with my mother in the countryside not far from our home in Penperlleni, South Wales at 10:20 PM. It was just starting to get dark and we saw what we initially thought was a really bright star. We were then standing still looking at it, and we realized it was moving. It was bigger than the few other stars that were out and a lot brighter.

It was moving at a fast, steady pace at what looked to be a high altitude. Unlike shooting stars or comets, it did not have a tail, it was very similar to a star, only brighter. An aircraft was nearby, and looked like it was at the same altitude. But, this thing was bigger than the aircraft and faster.

After a couple of minutes, it went into the clouds and was out of sight. After speaking to a few people and watching videos on, I thought it could be a satellite, although I really have no idea what it was, and neither does my mother. I was pretty excited after seeing it, but definitely felt on guard the rest of the way home. After seeing it, there appeared to be a lot of aircraft around that area, although that could have easily just been a coincidence. source:

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