Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Silver Sphere Report

I received this report last night from a retired USAF pilot and current airline pilot. It is in response to a recent report from Anthony posted here on March 4, 2008.

It was around October 1975 in rural North Mississippi, four miles north of Batesville. I was about 16 years old at the time and was walking along the edge of a soybean field with my trusty .22 rifle squirrel hunting.

I heard a very loud high pitched buzzing sound (like a cicada in the trees--which it may have been) but then everything was silent--even the birds. I looked up over my shoulder and saw a silver sphere just hovering about 300 feet above the ground and 1/4 mile away. It just stayed there. I thought, "hey look, a weather balloon." but there wasn't anything hanging from the bottom. Not a weather balloon. No gondola, so it also wasn't a hot air balloon either. It was just there hovering silently.

Here's where I acted like a typical teenager. The .22 had a scope on it, so I looked at the sphere through the scope--looked like a silver ball. I decided, "what the heck" I squeezed off a shot thinking if it was a balloon, I would be able to retrieve it. It hovered for a few seconds more then slowly drifted up and out of sight. There were cumulus clouds in the sky that day and the sphere was going along the edge of them rising in a slightly erratic fashion. But I was able to keep it in sight while it rose due to the contrast of the white clouds.

The thing that still makes me wonder to this day is how readily I accepted what I saw and how I felt no alarm. Just as in Anthony's report, I never felt any compulsion to tell anyone, and never did for years.

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  1. Interesting how this is somewhat similar to the 1973 incident in South Mississippi.

    Both incidents started with a high pitched sound.

    Luckily, I had my .22, or I may have had even more to report.

    But...I'm more curious than ever!

  2. My Brother and I were driving from Breckenridge Colorado toward Alma. We were coming to the bottom of the Pass when I noticed a silver object in the sky. It was about the size of a quarter. The T-tops were off my 300ZX and my brother was driving so I had a long time to just look at it as it stayed motionless in this clear blue area of the sky. I told my Brother to pull over as I kept yelling at him...look, look a UFO as I said it while keeping my eyes firmly on the object. It was completely silver and appeared perfectly round. It reminded me of a silver Christmas ornament. When my brother brought the car to a stop on the side of the road, he had no trouble finding the object I was pointing at and we both laughed in amazement as we watched a jet airliner fly behind it way off in the distance as it continued to stay in one place. As we continued to watch it it either disappeared and we spotted a different one about the 2:30 o'clock position from the first or this object moved so fast from the 12o'clock position to the 2:30 position that we did not see it move from one place to the other. I do not know what the object was, however, on one other occasion I was in Denver and for some reason I do not know I looked straight up above me and say something that looked exactly the same, but much smaller this time....I know it was stationary as it remained in this position and did not grow smaller. I pulled on the shirtsleeves of a couple of people that were walking past me and pointed up at the object and asked them to tell me what it was. They looked at it and said they did not know, and then just hurried off. I couldn't believe it they saw what I saw but had not interest in this object that was doing behaving in such a strange way. For many years I have wondered what these objects were and have researched this type of siting on the Internet to see about others that have seen something similar. I know it is Unidentified....I sometimes wonder if it could be a person's soul being given a favor from God to return to this world. I started thinking this when there were all of the spheres that were seen over Mexico...and also all of the spheres that are from the old wood engraving from Nuremburg Germany...where the Nazi war trials were held...I no the spheres were in this engraving many years prior to the trials, but I noticed that the spheres were different in color and maybe this is the purest silver that is described in the bible for souls when they go to heaven....I don't know but it was surely a UFO.


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