Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Silver Sphere UFO Sighting in Arizona

Below is a new UFO report I recently received from a reader named Anthony:

When I was around 10 years old about the year 1975, I was at some relatives home out in the country surrounded by fields near the town of Gilbert, Arizona. I was near the field near a ditch shooting my bee bee gun when I looked up in the sky and saw towards the west slightly north at about 200 yards away was a big silver sphere with what looked like rivets on sections of the sphere as how it was put together. It was just sitting there in the sky making no noise not moving at all, about 200 yards above the ground and 200 yards away. It seem to be huge from my sight about 50 yards across in size. I just stared up at it in amazement, for no reason at all I ignored it and went back to looking at the ground shooting my bee bee gun but then decided to look up again and it was a little farther away and a little higher now and south west of me. Then from that point my memory goes blank for the rest of the day.

I do not know why, but I never told and body about it that day and never gave it another thought. Years later I told some friends while partying what I had seen and all they said was give me some of what you are on.

Some times I feel that the aliens on the ship took me up to their space craft and did something with me but what I do not know and made me forget about it and not tell no one about it that day or not think much of it. I know it sounds crazy.

I have in closed a picture of it I drew around 1998

Thank you


Below is the drawing Anthony sent with his report:

Thank you for your submission, Anthony!

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  1. Anthony,

    Similar occurrence happened with me in Mississippi around the same time frame.

    A silver sphere just hovering and for some reason, I didn't think anything of it.

    Before you dismiss this as a hoax, know that I am a retired USAF pilot and current airline pilot.

    What I saw definitely wasn't a balloon.

  2. Interesting! I believe there is something else. But do not know what it is.


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