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Latest UFO Sightings For March 4, 2008

For the week of March 3, 2008, here are the latest UFO sightings as reported to Billy Booth at About.com.

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Image credits: "Nothing Exciting Ever Happens" by ~LastDarkAutumn

California-02-13-08-I've been noticing a lot of strange lights in Sacramento's skies lately. I've always watched the skies at night and never have I seen the activity I've seen this past week. This particular night I had already seen a light similar to the one I'm about to describe. They seem like plane lights, but there are no blinking lights, in fact, it is like one big bright light, and it doesn't fly the same or make any sound like a plane would.

My boyfriend and I were on a drive and we got off I-50 on Sunrise going north. As we turned, I looked up and saw one of the bright lights I've been seeing... so I decided to just watch it and see what it would do. It was flying towards us with some speed, not as much as an airplane might, then it got over a big building. I think it was a hotel, but I'm not positive, as soon as it got over the building, it stopped. It was so abrupt, at first I wondered if I was actually sure which direction it was moving in except that I realized it wasn't moving the opposite direction either.

It was just hovering. After about a minute and a half of hovering, it disappeared. I have to say, this object wasn't far from where I was viewing it. We were on an overpass, and the hotel was to the right of us on the other side of the overpass. source: www.mufon.com

California-02-15-08-I was in Porterville, California on 02-15-08, at about 6:30 PM. We were waiting for the UPS truck to come with a part for a washing machine.

The dog started barking and I said, "That might be the UPS truck."

I walked outside and down the driveway a bit. Over in the south closer to the horizon was a bright red round object. It was bigger than a star, red as a stoplight, but not quite as bright. It was turning eastward when something red fell off of it and came straight down.

Then another smaller object fell off the other one and fell straight down too. I am sure it was not a comet, meteor, or plane. The smaller piece falling looked almost like you would see fire dropping down. I have no idea what is was and no idea if I should tell anyone.

When it happened I thought about a rocket, but didn't see anything go up-it was just there and moving about the speed of an airplane. It didn't upset me or anything like that. But it was so strange I got to wondering what it might have been. Submitted by Carol to http://ufos.about.com

California-02-16-08-We were on our balcony at 11:20 PM looking west when I noticed a triangular formation of approximately seven white/amber ovoid lights moving from the southwest to the northwest at about 75 degrees up from the western horizon.

The formation moved slowly, yet made quick rearrangement into a "T" shaped formation, then about ten seconds later changed into a horizontal line... all while continuing to move to the north.

The entire sighting lasted about 45 seconds, which was the time it took to cross the sky. The objects faded as they continued north. We heard no sound during or after the sighting, aside from a much closer prop driven airplane.

The objects were noticed because we were looking at the sky and saw movement. We weren't sure what the object was when we saw it. We attempted to photograph the objects on a camera phone: however the objects were not visible in the picture. source: www.mufon.com

Indiana-02-16-08-We were driving home from Merrillville on US route 2 when right outside of Valparaiso we saw many bright, strange lights in the distance. My son and boyfriend were present at the time. The objects looked like they were hovering off in the distance, some not moving, some seemed to be connected to one another then split off.

We watched one moving that stopped in midair then did a U-turn of sorts. At first we thought it was about 15 planes flying low in a pattern, but as one got closer it was noticeable that it was no plane. It was huge and made no sound, very low and very weird bright lights.

As we were driving, I rolled my window all the way down and stuck my head and body out the window to watch it fly over the car. The Moon was behind it and emitted enough light that I got a very clear picture of its shape. It was no plane-it was triangular and had 3 very bright lights at the points. The weird thing was the underneath. There were many lights with one red light in the middle. My son watched it go over from the back window.

I was scared and I told my boyfriend to rush home to our other children. We were all scared to even turn on the radio. I was worried about what we'd hear on the news. I am not joking. Also as it flew off in the distance it kept changing its light patterns until they looked more like that of a plane? Then it disappeared. source: www.mufon.com

Mississippi-02-14-08-In the city of Brooklyn at about 8:00 PM, I witnessed a small, green light in the sky. The green light came to a complete stop in the sky, and then appeared to descend into a wooded area. The sky was fairly clear, and I saw no other aircraft in the area. Also, there were no other effects, electromagnetic, etc. I was the only witness to the green light. I had no camera with me at the time. source: www.mufon.com

California-12-08-08-San Diego-There has been an ongoing flap which I believe began late last year, (as observed) and continues to this day. I live in the Ocean Beach area. Yesterday I saw 2 silver triangles that appeared to have telescopic booms on them.

Then later that night myself, my wife and a bunch of neighbors saw a flaming golden one that has been showing up regularly between 7:30-8:00 PM. Will-source: www.mufon.com

Colorado-02-08-08-Early Friday morning, I had just filled my second cup of coffee, and wandered out on my back deck to gaze at the stars noticing how beautiful Venus and Mars look in their morning cycle. It was getting cold, so just as I started to head in I gazed directly overhead noticing a rather large triangular "something" cruising through the skies.

It had three bright lights on each corner, and no stars were visible within the triangle, telling me what I was seeing was a solid craft. I then quickly grabbed my camera, and as I headed back outside I saw the craft quickly jog to the north, then stop. That's when I saw a smaller triangular craft rise up from behind a hill. It trailed some kind of plasma exhaust as it rose to meet the larger craft.

Just then the larger craft shot a beam toward the smaller craft. This lasted about 9 seconds, and then the smaller craft shot off into the night unbelievably quick. Almost at the same time, the larger craft disappeared. To my surprise, when I examined my snapshot I had captured the event. There has been strange events happening over the skies of Evergreen for two weeks prior to this event-lights appearing in one location, disappearing, and reappearing in another spot. Lights hovering, then slowly drifting around to then disappear.

All along in the back of my mind, I'm saying to myself, "What's going on"? Then my event occurred. It left a strange feeling over me, not knowing what next to do. So now I have an excellent digital picture for your examination. Chad Eckdahl-source: www.mufon.com

Iowa-02-09-08-I have reported this object to you guys before but I have seen it for a second time tonight in Ankeny outside of the DMACC campus as I was heading towards my car. I noticed a bright white light in the sky. At first the object was heading north but as I was observing it, it started to come my way.(west) Then the flashing light died out, then came back on, but this time it started flashing very slowly and then the object started glowing red. It also looked stationary.

I was walking with a fellow student at the time, but I didn't want to sound stupid and point out the craft in the sky. I felt like I was being observed because the object wasn't moving very quickly at all. What was weird also was when I got in my car the object vanished-just went out of sight. source: www.mufon.com

Texas-02-09-08-El Paso-Just a note to you because I saw my first UFO today after being interested in this field for some time. I live in El Paso and while standing in the lot of a local car dealer waiting on my truck to be inspected I was looking up as I do frequently these days. I was curious about the absence of any lingering contrail. Anyway, I saw a shape which seemed to be reflecting the sunlight fly by in a wide arc heading south to Juarez from the west.

It was about 10:00 AM, and the sky was as clear as it could be. The object I saw seemed to change shape as if it was a box that was tumbling through the air. It was escorted by a smaller dot of light. I looked and couldn't make out any wings or fuselage but eventually turned away. 5 minutes later I checked for it again, and it was across the border and apparently over Juarez, Mexico.

Now, however, it was escorted by about approximately 12 smaller dots of light that seemed to move independently of it. I watched for a few minutes longer until all the lights disappeared. I've been reading about and watching clips on UFOs for over a year now and I don't get real excited by them. I just accept that they are here. source: www.ufocasebook.com

Canada-02-10-08-British Columbia-My husband came to the door yelling for me to come look outside. There were two bright, white lights about the size of a street light if you were a block away from one, slowly descending from the sky. They were coming from the south heading north. One was slower than the other. One eventually blinked out to where we couldn't see it anymore.

The other continued to descend, then leveled out and continued making a turn then straight again. We watched it for about 5-10 minutes. When the light blinked very dull then it went behind a cloud. My mother called for me to bring the binoculars to her house. Three of them were watching it too.

At approximately 8:45 PM down at the lake, a large glowing object was moving fast from west to east if I have my directions right. It was a bit smaller or further away than the earlier ones, but was bright white as well. My youngest son saw one around the same time at a different location heading northwest. source: www.mufon.com

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