Saturday, February 2, 2008

Woman's Amazing Ability Wreaks Havoc On Street Lamps And Appliances

Debbie Wolf from Britain claims to be one of a growing number of "sliders," - people who believe that their very presence wreaks havoc on household appliances, radios, light bulbs and street lamps. The term was coined by paranormal writer, Hilary Evans, who says Miss Wolf's abilities bring on unusually strong effects.

When Debbie is feeling stressed or excited, she claims these emotions cause street lamps to go out, digital clocks to scramble, and even her refrigerator's freezer to defrost itself! She says she has no control over her power, and that she has to be in the right mood in order to have any effect on her surroundings. "I have to be completely lost in my thoughts - usually thinking deeply about something that is troubling me."

Miss Wolf's unexplained ability has been dubbed Street Lamp Interference syndrome, or SLI by experts, and she has been compared to characters in the hit series, "Heroes," a program about ordinary people who develop superhuman abilities.

Miss Wolf says her work has never been affected by her ability, and it's a good thing because she works as a pathology support officer at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

Professor Richard Wiseman, who studies paranormal phenomena at the University of Hertfordshire, suspects SLI is caused by "observer bias". He said: "Street lamps are going on and off all the time because they are faulty or because their timers aren't set properly. People only have to walk under a couple of lamps going off to think that they might be the cause."


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