Saturday, February 2, 2008

Police Officers Report A UFO Sighting In Buenos Aires

Police officers, Luis Bracamonte, and Osvaldo Orellano, patrolling in their truck near rural Irene, Buenos Aires on December 7, 2007, near the Felipe Fernandez ranch, stopped their truck while Orellano got out and walked around the area while Bracamonte stayed inside the vehicle re-charging his mobile phone. At approximately 1:30 AM, while looking at his phone, Mr. Bracamonte noticed a small light approaching at a high rate of speed. The light became larger and brighter, and began to resemble a large “grey truck.”

He then saw a small humanoid figure, approximately 2 ½ feet tall, with a large head, and large luminous eyes, and greenish in color, exit the vehicle He immediately attempted to dial Mr. Orellano’s mobile phone, but all he received was static. He then observed three more humanoid beings exiting the luminous grey “vehicle” - two of which appeared similar to the first one he saw, while the third was larger and more robust. He then heard Mr. Orellano, who was apparently watching the same spectacle, shouting in panic.

The four humanoid beings immediately darted back into the object which quickly took off and disappeared northward with a sound of a thunder clap, leaving a strong odor of sulfur and a white glowing trail behind it, which quickly faded into a green glowing mist.

That same night, two other police officers, Santiago Walter and Walter Carbajal who were patrolling near the village of Nicolas Descalzi, watched as a large white light suddenly approached and engulfed their vehicle. Their engine stalled and their cell phones were disabled. Looking up, both officers observed a powerful white light which briefly hovered and then disappeared in a flash.

Around the same time, several residents from the village of Oriente observed a strange glow in the sky in the direction of Irene. A husband and wife traveling towards Marisol were approached from behind and their vehicle was also engulfed by a luminous white light.


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