Friday, February 1, 2008

Latest UFO Sightings For February 1, 2008

Photo by NeigeNoire

Once again, here are the latest UFO sighting reports.

Florida-01-16-Witness was on back porch with a friend, and they were starting a cookout. Suddenly, is friend exclaimed, "Look at that, what is it?" They were observing a bullet-shaped object moving at great speed. It appeared to be moving in a perfectly straight line. The object was out of sight within a few seconds. They could however, determine that the object was dark in color, and had no lights. source:

Illinois-01-16-The witness took his dog for a walk to the end of his neighborhood, where there was a vacant lot. This lot was next to a cornfield. While the dog was sniffing around, our witness saw what he thought was a low-flying plane. Soon, he changed his mind, as the object began to fly directly toward him. It then zoomed higher up, and then down again, making strange maneuvers. He was relatively sure that the object was a dull gray with two bright lights on the front. On the side was a red flashing light. The UFO made no sound. source:

Indiana-01-16-A young man who still lived at home, was leaving work and as he neared his house, he could see an unknown object hovering over it. Frightened, he began flashing his lights as he pulled into the driveway. He watched the UFO as it flew over to a neighbor's barn. He ran inside, and his mother, and two sisters, and a sister-in-law ran outside to see the object. The object made several course changes, and soon there were other aircraft in the area, as if they were chasing the UFO. The next day, the family discovered that several of their neighbors had also seen the UFO. source:

Iowa-01-17-08-Witness was resting, sitting in a park area. As he scanned the skies, he noticed an oval-shaped object flying at a moderate speed. The object appeared metallic, as he could see the sun reflecting off of it. He has seen a number of strange things in the sky, but nothing quite like the object he reported on this day. He also states that UFOs are becoming more frequent in the state of Iowa. source:

New Jersey-01-13-A man and his wife were up late after having friends over for dinner, so they decided to smoke one more cigarette before retiring for the night. As was their habit, they went into their laundry room and opened the door. The wife was looking at the stars when said she saw a shooting star. The man looked up, and saw a second shooting star, which he thought to be quite odd. As they watched, they became aware of the fact that these were not shooting stars after all. They watched in amazement as several unknown objects began making unbelievable moves in the sky. The man knew that they were not seeing airplanes, as he was a big plane buff, and had considerable knowledge of planes. Soon, the object disappeared one by one.


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