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Latest UFO Sightings

Here are the latest UFO sightings as reported to Billy Booth at UFOs/Aliens at

Florida-01-11-08-Tonight I noticed lights in the sky located over the parking area of my condo complex. They were white in color and were moving in a roughly circular pattern. I thought it strange that they could not be traced to a source, as would spot lights originating from a source on the ground or from the sky such as those from a helicopter.

The lights numbered around six to ten at any given time and remained in a group moving in a northeasterly direction. I attempted to follow them on foot and watched as they settled over a nearby complex. The lights were well above the tree line but much lower than an airplane and were completely silent. I watched for at least thirty minutes-long enough to discern an approximate figure eight pattern and a tendency for the lights to congregate toward the east and then seem to break off in pairs that moved in unison.

They were not very bright or intense but were clearly visible. The lights stayed over the same location for about twenty minutes then gradually moved to the east. I went inside at this point. The movement seemed most remarkable to me, as they appeared to flutter, quickly and weightless across the night sky. I witnessed this from eight to eight-thirty. source:

Texas-01-04-Austin-My son and I were returning home last Friday, early evening, about 4:30 PM. We were about one mile north of Bastrop on Highway 95 and I was watching some large birds in the eastern horizon when suddenly a large oblong disc appeared in the distance.

I would guess its size to be 80 to 90 % of what the moon appears in the sky. It was tipped on about a 45 degree angle and stayed in that position for several seconds and then it seemed to rotate to form a perfectly round object. Then, as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared. Quite often we see very small objects in the skies around Austin but this is the first I've seen of such large size. source:

Kazakhstan-01-08-PAVLODAR. (Interfax)-An unidentified flying object might have fallen in the Belaya river in the May district in the Pavlodar region, northern Kazakhstan, a source with the regional emergency situations department told Interfax referring to an eyewitness.

The chief of a local police department saw a shining, flying object falling in the river in the early hours of January 5, the source said, adding that the policeman "reported about it to higher authorities."

According to the emergency situations department, divers examined a 15-meter air hole and officers of the local sanitary and epidemic office took water samples.

"Divers plunged four times, but no objects were found. Water samples are normal," the department said.

Meanwhile, Lyubov Rybalko, a Ufologist and the head of the Asur public organization, told Interfax that an UFO cannot fall. They "can either land or pass through the Earth like through air." It is possible that an UFO splashed down in the Belaya river, the Ufologist said. source:

Norway-12-31-07-On New Year's Eve, my family and I saw an orange glowing orb in the sky, southwest of the city of Honefoss in Norway. It was about 10 to 5 minutes until midnight and the sky was clear. This was certainly not a rocket, plane or helicopter, as it moved at a steady speed in a fixed manner.

It looked as if it was bobbing up and down at certain times. We watched it for about 10 minutes before it flew over, gained speed, and disappeared in the distance. We couldn't hear any sound from any engine or anything similar. source:

Thailand-Date Unknown-I was in Thailand where I was on a two week holiday. We visited Sukothoi, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I took these photographs of the Buddha. While there I heard a noise in the sky which was like a low humming. The two photographs were taken two seconds apart. The first shows nothing in the sky. The second shows a bright object.

This is not a planet such as Venus or stars,and neither is their any kind of trail which would indicate a bright meteorite. I do not believe that it is a blemish on the film as I did hear a noise in the sky at the time. Therefore, because of its green triangular shape, it is some kind of UFO. I have not doctored the photographs in any kind of way. It is as it was taken on celluloid. You have permission to publish this on the web site if you want to. Thanks to Richard L. source:

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