Thursday, February 21, 2008

Strange Flood Light UFO Encounter

I received this email yesterday from a reader named Mark W. from Germany who just recently submitted some very interesting photos to Anomaly Blog. Here's what he wrote:

"...I´m sending you a clip of 31 of the Australian UFO Wave. The reason for that clip is because here too, someone has filmed a UFO who flashed a Flood light at someone or something in the night. That scene reminded me a lot of my Encounters in Canada and here in Germany. That clip starts at the Time counter at 03:35 Minutes.

"This UFO Experience occurred on Dummer Lake, here´s the Link for it. Our cottage was on the left shore, almost in the middle of the Lakes length. On the Google Map, that area isn´t well visible probably because they´re doing some Military operations there. Above that Lake, my father too saw strange lights at night there or lights that were traveling at very high speeds very high up in the atmosphere, side by side parallel to each other when they, the UFOs suddenly decided to make synchrone a right angle turn. Although the Lake isn´t very deep, he too spotted one time at night submerged on the other side of the Lake, on the East side some kind of greenish luminous light moving slowly under water towards the South end of the Lake.

"And then there was another interesting night sighting that he´s had in that summer. It was late at night, when he suddenly saw something like a greenish streaking down Meteorite and crashed on the other side of the Lake, into the bush behind that Island. OK, no big deal I thought when I got up the next morning around 8 o´clock and went to the shore. It was nice and quiet as usual on that lake and the sun was shining bright as I suddenly heared one of those small Military dark green Helicopters that flew low and out of the West towards that crashed area of something. It was interesting to watch that, like in a science fiction movie. The Helicopter, who ever flew it, he knew exactly what he was doing, the way he was flying, back and fourth, side ways, backwards, up and down, in and then again out of the woods. They were looking for "IT"! The Helicopter had no markings what so ever. The type of Helicopter was of this Type, that the Military use for the Flying Eye! Before they send in the Apache Helicopters.

"So and now, lets go down to UFO business.

"On that night, it was already pretty cool in late October, it was around 11:00 PM. I was laying down watching the night sky. It was crisp and clear with hundreds of stars. From here, you can see the whole length of the Milky Way, it´s exactly so positioned like the Lake. What was I looking for? You´ve guessed it - UFO´s! I also heard in the past, before this incident happened, that some of the UFO´s Technology works with Telepathy, like the Russians experiment with, controlling the dials and buttons of their Fighter Planes with nothing more, then their own Telepathy. Before that UFO Encounter Flood Light Experiment, I Experimented with the UFO´s, using primitive Methods in contacting them. For instance, using a simple Flash Light, lighting into the night sky, when a UFO appeared and watching, what it´ll do next, how it´ll react. Sometimes nothing happened or they started suddenly to rise higher up into the Atmosphere until they were out of sight. I later tried using Telepathy, by Ordering them, to come down and land. Of course, that never happened i think because I do recall some kind of Visitations that I have had in the past of what ever they were.


"Anyways, on that night on the Lake, I had these very powerful Binoculars that I won by Honda for a drawing project. They are permafocus glasses, that means that you never need to focus them! As I watched the beautiful night sky, seeing once in a while a UFO go by but nothing happened, I kept on watching until 11 o´clock. And there it was. A very, very bright light, about the brightness of Saturn flying slowly from the South to the North next to the lake.



"Through the Binoculars I didn´t see no more but a bright Light. I decided to pull it all off. I suddenly concentrated very strong onto that object/UFO, commanding it to land near by at once while staring at it through the pair of Binoculars when it suddenly responded to me. From around the front of the UFO, I suddenly saw a very strong and bright Light swerving counter clockwise from around the front of the craft, (that part I couldn't´ see but I saw, That the flood light come from out there), and the way it came, it stopped mechanically at a point and went right down at me!!! I guess, they wanted to see, who this was, sending such an order at them. At that moment, I had very strong mixed feelings about that, what just had happened! It was a feeling of being very excited and very scarred at the same time.

"At that moment, I stopped my thought............ and immediately, the light Beam/Flood light went back the way it come.
The UFO has never stopped during this Experiment, it kept on going... After about 20 seconds later, when this Experiment was all over with, me still being all shock-up, I thought to myself, ....we really can´t do anything about it! There is no place You can run and hide!

"Normally, normal people would learn from such Experiences like the one you´ve just heared here ,....- I didn´t!
A similar Experiment to this one here, I did in Germany, about a year ago in 2007 and about that one, I will tell you more about the next time.

sincerely Mark"

Thank you for your contribution, Mark!

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