Tuesday, February 19, 2008

UFO & Paranormal Photos From A Reader

I received an email from Mark W. in Nürnberg, Germany who takes photos of UFOs on a regular basis.

At the left is a photo of what Mark calls a "stargate." You can read more about this photo HERE. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much more to see in his photos. I strongly recommend you browse his photo albums.

Here's what he wrote:
"The UFOs that I photograph, are always Inter-Dimensional, they´re here but I can´t see them, only my camera picks them up. That way, I've photographed a lot of UFOs, ORBs, and even a STARGATE. My photographs, I have them on the following Link, it´s actually a Web Album. There are not only Interdimensional UFOs, Ghosts etc., but also some other Albums of Interest.

But I did also, either saw UFOs in the night sky, crossing over the apartment building, where I live, right over me or I bothered them - those UFO Pilots at such an extent, that they started to watch, observe me! By bothering I mean, using a laser pointer at night until they responded with a flood light at me. Now, that was kinda scary, let me tell you that!!! Now, I´ve mounted such a Laser Pointer onto my Video camera, should I ever encounter such a UFO Pilot again, I WILL blind, bother him, them, until they flash their beam at me again, only this time, I´ll be filming.

The UFO sighting, actually it was today too bright outside, that I could see it in such a distance but out of about 40 pics, I managed to take about 20 of them. In the Area, where that UFO was hovering and then moving slowly off, I photographed a haselnut UFO in the past.

The location was near to the Nürnberg Business Tower and at the left of the picture frame, at the bottom of it, there is a chimney standing. Around in that area, is where I took the pics. It is a daytime sighting with a digital video camera/picture camera - 2 in one. The first pic that you will see near the bottom of the album, is an overall pic, of that area, where I stood. I closed my zoom all the way at the B. Tower because I know, that from that area is the area where I took most of such pics. I just kept on shooting those pics but I didn´t see anything on the Display, until I put it onto my computer. That happened around 14:00 Hours. Two Hours later, I went to that location one more time, for another shot - but not this time! But I´m glad, that I took that many.

That object could have been either a long one, cigar shaped or even a triangle because close to the end of the pics, you will see too, that it suddenly changed its form. That happens only, when it turns or unless that object revolves around its own axis. I cut out some close ups, that might help.

Here is the Link to my Albums in general, just in case the next Link won´t work. There are only 14 pics with that UFO, excluding the enlargements. They are described in German and in ENGLISH. And here's the Link that goes directly onto that particular Album."
Wow, you guys really need to check out Mark's photos. There's some very interesting stuff going on in them. Just check out these next few photos of some sort of "being," (for lack of a better word), that floats across the room.

And this one is interesting too:

Thanks goes out to Mark W. (a.k.a. Cheop) for sending me that email.

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