Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shocking Underground Hypnosis Secrets

As hypnosis has become more popular and more widely available in recent years, there has been a growing trend in terms of underground hypnosis courses and experts. These are literally elite hypnosis groups that are practicing revolutionary techniques that have been shunned by the community as a whole due to the power they hold - which is literally shocking.

Why Underground Hypnosis?

The hypnosis community has a strict set of standards and procedures which all practicing hypnotists should adhere to. This has not agreed with everyone, and there have been underground hypnosis groups forming which practice 'black ops' techniques that are controversial and shocking in the least.

What Are Example Of These Shocking Techniques?

Such shocking underground hypnosis techniques include mass hypnotizing large groups of people at once, mastering instant hypnosis though preplanting triggers and controlling people at will, learning how to exploit one's hypnotism skills to earn up to $15,000 a day and how to get people to agree with you by use of body language only.

Obviously a lot of these techniques have moral responsibilities so they are not for everyone to learn. However for the select few that have the willpower and motivation to persevere, the rewards have flooded back in spades.

Where Can You Learn These Techniques?

In terms of learning or joining such underground hypnosis secret societies - your chances are worse than slim. Not only would you have to be a master of hypnosis, but also be well connected and respected within the community. There are most certainly online hypnosis courses which allude to such powerful techniques - some which have proven to bring astonishing results. Always be aware of scams as they are everywhere online. Always seek a course devised by a hypnosis expert with credentials and testimonials. Your course should also come with a 100% guarantee.


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