Friday, February 15, 2008

Remote Viewing Is It Real?

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Remote Viewing is an interesting topic in that both the Russians and Chinese have no problem believing and supposedly using this stuff. I am not sure why these things are so bothersome for Western Cultures. It seems we should be able to explain it all with quantum pairs and other things we have learned.

There are often people who will train others to use remote viewing. This subject is often talked about on the Art Bell radio show along with George Noory. Indeed, just for kicks, I have practiced from time to time for fun, but I cannot know if I am ever correct? I cannot prove it, but sometimes it is kind of scary when you guess something so exact and read about it later in the news? Who knows coincidence we are told to believe right? So, I just play it that way to not rock the boat.

And there is a difference between using information to make an educated guess and intuition or remote viewing. Some people think that remote viewers are psychic, but those who teach it say that anyone can do it and some people do it very well once they learn how. There are also people who work very hard to use many different methods at different times and they scan 1000s of sources per month to make educated guesses.

And they use this information to try to determine what visions they may have seen and what they might mean. They believe they can improve their accuracy in doing this, while other people believe that when you mix the two you come up with the wrong answers and jump to conclusions which are incorrect. Remote viewing is a fascinating subject and it might be wise of you to study up on it a little but only if it interests you.

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