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Latest UFO Sightings For February 15, 2008

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Arizona-01-15-08-I had a UFO sighting in Miami, Arizona, at 7:30 PM. I was outside smoking a cigarette, when I saw something strange in the sky. It was not like anything I had ever seen before, and it was so quiet, and very bright. It was in the sky for about 5 minutes, and then suddenly left. I was so amazed at what I saw, and I didn't want to believe that it was a UFO. source:

California-01-28-08-I am not sure what it was. I was near 4th and Ximeno on Long Beach, California, at about 6:45 PM, 01-27-08, when I first saw the object. At first, it looked like a sparkler, but it was traveling too fast to be an airplane or jet, and also too bright.

Maybe it was a falling star, but then it seemed to split into two, with a sonic boom effect. My girlfriend was with me and saw it as well. She only caught the last part. John, reader

California-01-26-08-At first it looked very similar to 2 asteroids entering the earths orbit, 2 orange elliptical fireballs falling to earth, with what looked like a trail of fire behind them. It seemed like that at first until they both slowed and hovered, and began to fly around, about the same altitude.

They then descended more, leaving behind a trail of what seemed to be some kind of smoke, but it dissipated rapidly. They then hovered around some more and began to descend again, they repeated this until they were below the trees and out of sight. I did not see them again. I thought I was seeing things, but now I hear my friends saying they saw the same thing too.

He called Anaheim and asked if there had been sightings, and the operator said there had. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture these objects on camera. I also would like to note that it seemed like one of them faded out almost completely of sight, then relit to its normal intensity. They were easily spotted against the dark sky. source:

Tennessee-01-30-08-At 7:00 PM, as I was walking to my car after one of my classes at East Tennessee State University, I saw a bright light. I pointed it out to a classmate and thought it didn't look right. It seemed to move somewhat from side to side like it wasn't moving in a straight line. After 30 seconds to a minute, it just faded out like it was moving into cloud cover. However, the sky was very clear and I could clearly see stars. I also saw numerous other identifiable aircraft flying through the sky with the normal blinking lights. The object I saw had no blinking lights at all, just the one very bright light (quite a bit brighter than Venus). It just seemed to disappear while other aircraft flew at different distances around it. D. Noe-source:

Florida-12-03-07-I let my dog out to do his business and went out to enjoy the night air. I noticed a completely silent, unfamiliar glowing object in the eastern night sky between my house and downtown Jacksonville. I got my 10 power binoculars and looked at it. It seemed to be a glowing saucer-shaped object with some energy strings that seemed to be bright bits of light going up and down coming out of the bottom into a ring area that constricted the "strings." Then just below this, these strings of light spread out in a cone shape and got less bright the further away from the ring area they got. This light formation underneath seemed to scan back and forth and right to left under the saucer shape like it was looking for something or maybe making a complete scan of the area.

I went into the house and got my old digital camera and got three photos. The object stayed in sight for about 15-20 minutes. In my area I have seen many types of airplanes including the stealth bomber and fighter, all sorts of other military and civilian aircraft, including many different helicopters from the navy bases around here. I also have seen weather balloons, the blimps that come around for football games, and hot air balloons. This did not match anything I have ever seen in person or on TV. Heck, it didn't match anything I have seen on science fiction programs or movies. Walter Howell-source:

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  1. I hope you aren't claiming that to be a real picture because that is the same background that is set into a Windows PC... Just someone added some ovals and claimed them to be spaceships....

  2. Hi anonymous...

    No, I am not claiming that to be a real UFO photo. It is just a UFO image I found to compliment the post. If I was claiming it to be a real UFO photo, I would have mentioned it. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for visiting Anomaly Blog. :)


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