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Are the Texas UFOs Linked To ET Technology Retrieval?

Here is a very interesting article written by Brendan Burton at the American Chronicle about the Stephenville, Texas UFO sighting. I think he brings up some valid points, and gives the reader more food for thought. Read on...

UFO's in Texas, Stephenville may have left behind more questions than answers.

Did they come for the 'DR Pepper' as the advertising boards seem to exploit? Or was there something far more serious behind the biggest flap in UFO history? Is it possible that Texas is the site of an ET 'technology' crash retrieval linked to the fated space-shuttle STS - 107? There is evidence out there already in the public domain which suggests this is possibly the case.

But let's back up a bit first - Why does one main witness feel threatened to 'shut up' about going to the media - and why have the Texas UFO sightings been dropped by at least one local newspaper - despite allegedly 'record' sales over the issue? Even more concerning, why has the reporter who took up the case for Mr. Sorrells now longer employed by her newspaper?

Let's start with Mr. Sorrells:

"I actually got up and looked out my window to see if I could see someone at the cattle guard. So I said if he was who he said he was, why didn´t he stop flying over my air space with all those helicopters," Sorrells said. "And he informed me that it was not my air space — it was his. He told me if I´d quit talking about what I saw he would stop the helicopters." - Ricky Sorrells.

Ricky Sorrells is a salt of the earth, back-bone of America kind of guy.

He didn't ask to be a witness to one of the Texas UFOs - it just happened that way. Out in his woods, looking for deer tracks - he witnessed a huge UFO, so big it covered his upward vision "as far as the eye could see." Brave enough to report what he'd seen, Ricky became the subject of some unpleasant and scary visits from people posing as military officers. Helicopters circled his property on numerous occasions and he soon became duly concerned for the welfare of his family. Maybe the helicopters were coincidence - or the military carrying out their own investigations. But the 'officers' turning up at his property and warning him to 'shut up' was another matter. The days of the MIB (Men In Black) belong to the last century - no one should be intimidated or silenced from reporting matters of National concern and would be a dark day indeed if our own governments were working against their own people in such a manner. But, there may be 'other agencies' not working within the government - who have their own agenda.

It seems that many governments around the world have been coming forward in the last twelve months or so - almost eager to out do each other by releasing hitherto classified files regarding the UFO phenomena. Never before have there been so many UFO reports. The co-operation of governments, the 'leaking' of some incredible documents / information and the rise in sightings world-wide to unprecedented levels will naturally cause some observers to ponder that something 'big' is 'going on'. For those who have been following the phenomena through history, we are possibly at the most important time in UFO history since Roswell.

"I do believe things happen for a reason and what made yesterday so shocking was the fact that I considered my bosses (publisher and editor) friends, too. I was made to feel like a criminal and I don't think I deserved that. In a small setting you get close to the people you work for and I just never expected what happened and was (and still am) completely baffled." - Angelia Joiner

No that wasn't the reporter from the Rowsell Daily Record speaking after the now famous 'cover up' of the Roswell UFO crash back in 1947 - this is 2008 and the paper is the Texas 'Empire-Tribune'.

Angelia Joiner is the opposite of the MIB. - In fact maybe there should be a new category - Women In White (WIW) - as she joins esteemed women journalists such as Emmy award-winning journalist Linda Moulton Howe - not afraid to step forward and report the experiences of real folk who witness very 'unreal' incidents. Usually not a popular move for a main-stream journalist. The subject of UFO's and 'aliens' is often consigned to the newspaper 'funny-side' bin, and any mainstream journalist steering away from the 'bread and butter' distractions of life and politics is taking a brave step. It's either sink or swim.

For Angelia Joiner, the first person to report on Mr. Sorrells experiences with the agency who tried to get him to 'shut up' - it seems her time at the Empire Tribune is at an end.

She told me, "[...]A city councilman here talked to ( Texas media) and said the whole thing was an embarrassment to the town (or something to that effect.)"

Angelia, true to her journalistic instincts didn't understand why these "record sales" stories were all of a sudden to be pulled, and decided to do something about it.

"[...]I gave two weeks notice but this morning they had confiscated my computer and I was told to pack up and get out. I'm devastated and still in shock."

Angelia has joined the Open Minds Research Team and is now doing what she can to get to the bottom of these Texan sightings, military jets and alleged cover-ups. You can view and take part in this research and discussion HERE.

So what about the connection to the ET crash retrieval in Texas? Is there a link?

In 'Exempt From Disclosure' (see below)- Hal Puthof ( leading physicist at SRI and ex-CIA contractor ) - allegedly 'Owl' in The Aviary - engaged in lengthy dialog with an anonymous source from LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) in order to research the disclosures from Anonymous regarding the a extraterrestrial "device" and ET propulsion systems. He describes an external e-plasma effect, electromagnetic effects and a reported 3Ghz 'signature' which is used to control alleged ET craft. The resulting dialogue between the alleged LANL source - Capt Robert Collins and Dr Puthoff is an elaboration and analysis of an original report ( LANLZAlpha Team) and a discussion on H5 isotope 'fuel' used in their (Eben) electrical systems.

Published in 2005 by Peregrine Communications, the book by former AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Intelligence) Capt. Robert Collins - 'Exempt From Disclosure' reproduces DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) documents which clearly cite the use of "extraterrestrial technology" and the fact that it was (at the time of the original document) to be deployed on various space-shuttle missions - including the fated STS-107. These documents can be viewed on-line HERE

Indeed, according to various news reports, there was indeed a covert recovery mission in order to secure something other than mundane wreckage from the Texas 'debris window'.

"Reuters news agency reported that around the town of Bronson, near the Texas-Louisiana border, hundreds of national guardsmen joined federal agents and volunteers to search for what was believed to be a top-secret device from the shuttle.

People involved in the search said they were given written instructions on what the device looked like as well as a picture of a plate attached to it which read "Secret Government Property". - BBC news.

So, is there something 'out there' in Texas - still not back in the hands of the rightful owner? Could this possibly be some kind of inter-galactic 'treasure hunt' between non-terrestrial and terrestrial agencies?

There is absolute secrecy about the recovery of the doomed STS-107 shuttle mission over Texas and there now appear to be documents which allude to that particular mission having an "extraterrestrial device" in its payload. Together with the recent 'flap' over Texas, the harassment of witnesses, the turn-around and sudden 'dropping' of 'hot potatoes' in the media - we are perhaps at a more interesting time in UFOlogy since Roswell - 1947.

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