Saturday, February 16, 2008

Russia To Open UFO Museum

The Russian city of Togliatty has every chance to turn into the country’s main center of paranormal tourism. In the near future they are planning to open a UFO museum there and construct special tourist settlements where travelers can spend the night waiting for aliens.

One of the most anomalous zones of Russia – Samarskaya Luka – has been an object of interest for researchers for years. After many years of observing and analyzing, the researchers have collected a wealth of information and documented proof of the paranormal phenomena that frequently occurs in the region. Regular UFO reports by locals has become the motive for forming a special ufologist commission and opening a hotline for people who witnessed UFO or other paranormal phenomena.

The local UFO researchers initiated the concept of opening a UFO museum in Togliatty featuring photographs, multiple witnesses` UFO evidence, and even scientific data. The regional authorities have already expressed interest in the project and feel that a UFO museum could fit perfectly with the tourist concept of the city.

Representatives of local business have expressed readiness to provide the “anomalous places” with a proper infrastructure – trade centers, bars and restaurants.

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