Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Recent UFO Sightings

Here are the latest UFO sightings as reported to Billy Booth at his UFO/Aliens website.

New Hampshire-12-29-07, at 10:45 PM, A light beam resembling a car light beam ( it was a broad band of light) was seen entering a cloud that was at the level of Orion's Belt in the southeastern sky. There was no craft seen, nor any noise heard. The azimuth was about 160 degrees and the height was over 20,000 feet as confirmed by the Pease International Airport operation with a cloud cover of 25,000 feet that was broken. There was no sound at any time. Neither were there any red or green lights that shone at any time during the sighting nor was there any noise. (Maybe because of the height.)

The light entered the cloud after traveling about the size of a pea at arm's length. As it neared the cloud, the witness observed the light beam entering the cloud and never saw it again as it traveled into the cloud. His conversation with Pease Base Operations Officer confirmed hisfacts and figures and helped him contact the USWX.com weather information center to confirm these facts which told him that they had no incoming aircraft at that time of night nor did he know of any radar confirmation of the object. (You can take that for what it is worth.) source: http://ufos.about.com

Canada-12-26-07-On December 26, 2007, at about 5:30 PM, the witness and his wife saw a dark object spiraling towards the ground near the horizon. They grabbed their video camera and began filming, and what was caught on film is remarkable. A blackish object giving off "smoke" was seen, which the witnesses likened to a "plane in trouble."

The actual object was difficult to see, but the witness thought it was shaped like a ball. It was descending at a shallow angle, in a corkscrew motion, moving away from the witnesses, toward the west. Eventually, a long black contrail was formed. The witnesses lost sight of the actual object, and it did not seem to actually reach the ground before it became too dark to observe, lasting more than half an hour in total.-source: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/canufo/

Here is the link to the video.

Canada-12-21-07-This second Canadian case occurred at 6:05 PM local time. A helicopter pilot was flying near Halifax when he saw a bright white light flying at a much higher altitude. It was in sight for about five minutes.

What's most intriguing about this case is that when the helicopter pilot notified the nearby control tower, they contacted NORAD, who confirmed that they painted the helicopter as well as a "possible UFO" at the location and direction indicated by the pilot, but at 6:18 PM local and fading from radar at 6:22 PM- source: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/canufo/

Ibiza-12-31-07-On New Year's Eve I was working as a chauffer in Ibiza with a friend. Neither of us had taken alcohol due to the nature of our job. At exactly midnight, we stood outside the Blue Marlin Restaurant (SW coast on the Island of Ibiza) and looked northerly. From the distance appeared a yellow/orange ball-shaped object. It traveled at a constant speed and on a constant trajectory above Blue Marlin and beyond downwards towards the sea, near to Es Vedera (a highly magnetic rock formation) and disappeared. During its flight path, the shape changed and it appeared to have a ring around it similar to the planet Jupiter. There was no sound.

The sky was clear: there were no clouds and no wind. There was a small amount of light pollution from one light in the car park. Approximately 12 minutes later and on exactly the same line of trajectory, the same bright yellow/orange light appeared. It moved along the same pathway and then seemed to rise upwards, fading until it disappeared completely. We tried to use a phone camera to pick up this image but it was not sensitive enough to capture anything meaningful.

It was almost impossible to gauge how far away it was and therefore at what speed it was traveling. We explored most of the obvious explanations and could not apply logic to this sighting. I send these details for your records and am curious to know if anyone else observed this object. The only possible explanation we could find was that it could have been a satellite or meteorite.-source: http://ufos.about.com

Sweden-01-01-08-I can tell you that I and about 6-7 other people had a UFO sighting this New Year's Eve at 00:00, from my balconies up on the 10th floor. I have two balconies, one facing west (Copenhagen), and one facing central Malmo. It wasn't fireworks we saw, it was multiple orange/yellow orbs/spheres of light (10-15 of them) flying in formation from Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmo, Sweden. The sighting lasted about 10-15 minutes and some of the orbs were stationary over central Malmo while most of them were moving fast (some of them very fast). Some just seemed to vanish in thin air to reappear moments later (could be clouds covering them, but it wasn't very cloudy)

Two of the orbs went quite slow (together in "formation"), then one of them stopped completely and hovered for a couple of seconds, shot to the skies vertically (above the clouds and out of sight), the second one followed the first one slowly (all the way above the clouds). This was witnessed by at least 4-5 people and only one or maybe two (the boyfriend had to agree with his girlfriend) of them thought it was something other than a UFO/UAP.-source: www.mufon.com

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