Monday, January 21, 2008

They Sure Make 'Em BIG In Texas!

The entire internet is abuzz with news of the hottest UFO sighting since The Phoenix Lights back in 1997. A gigantic craft (one mile long and half a mile wide) was spotted on January 14th by dozens of witnesses in a small Texas town of Stephenville. I may as well chime in with my two cents. I first heard about this sighting at Godlike Productions, where I like to hang out to get the best alternative news FIRST.

Initially, I was shocked that the report came from the Associated Press. This kind of story hardly ever hits the mainstream media. But with a craft that size, there's just no way this could stay buried. However, I do wonder what kind of "official story" the government will come up with this time. I'm sure it will be along the same lines as the Chicago O'Hare and the Phoenix Lights UFO sightings. They will give some "logical explanation," (that won't really be very logical), and then try and sweep it under the rug. And, sadly they will probably succeed.

In another report by Jennifer Luz of San Angelo LIVE!, Steve Hudgeons, assistant state director for the Mutual UFO Network of Texas, visited Stephenville, Texas, Saturday, and after interviewing many of the locals there, he maintains the Stephenville UFO sighting has received national media attention because of the credibility of witnesses to the event. “Especially with [Constable Lee Roy Gaitan],” Hudgeons says. “His credibility goes a long way, and I believe that’s the key to the whole thing."

Before this is all neatly covered up, I urge you to watch the following videos of the CNN program, "Larry King Live," which aired last Friday night, January 18, 2008. The witnesses to this extraordinary event got their chance to speak out and give testimony to what they saw on a bona fide mainstream news channel. Take it for what it's worth. I apologize that it's in four parts, but I couldn't find another copy that wasn't.

If this is some kind of government craft, where did it go? And where are they hiding it now? If it's of extraterrestrial origin, is it a "mother ship" and is it still around, perhaps orbiting our moon? I would really like answers, (and TRUTHFUL ones), but just like any other UFO sighting, I know I won't get any. You will see in the video that some of the witnesses claim that Air Force fighter jets were "chasing" the gigantic low-flying object! If that is true, then you tell me...what was it, and WHERE IS IT NOW?

Part ONE:

Part TWO:


Part FOUR:

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  1. Great stuff! The videos have been taken down already though, that was fast. I've seen UFOs 3 times...

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