Friday, January 11, 2008

Latest UFO Sightings

UFO shaped puncture hole in the clouds

Here are the latest UFO sightings as reported to Billy Booth at his UFO/Aliens website.

Clearwater, Kansas-1966-I experienced a very unusual sighting when I was 18 years old and now am much older. I was traveling with my brother and mother around Clearwater, Kansas, in October 1966. It was around 8:00 PM. as we went over the railroad tracks when we observed an object hovering over the tracks. It flew over our car and stopped in midair and shown these extremely bright lights into the car. It made no noise. My brother stopped the car and both my mother and brother just stared at it. They seemed mesmerized by it and I told my brother, "Don't stare, just go."

Suddenly the lights went out and it flew straight up in the air and disappeared very quickly. I still try to make sense of what happened that night. I will never forget this and like to read about others who have experienced similar incidences. Today I live in Arizona and remember the lights of Phoenix in 1997 and just read about the sighting around Casa Grande (not far from where I live) in the past week. It seems like there are more sightings these days. thanks to Jeannie-source:

Missouri-12-25-Witness was sitting in his kitchen, and looking at the sky through his vertical blinds and noticed a bright red, disc-shaped object northeast of his house. He thought at first how beautiful it was, it being on Christmas Day. The disc-shaped object was not clearly defined-it had blurry edges to it. The best way he could describe the light was to brake lights on a vehicle. The object was only visible for a brief time. Witness is certain it was not an airplane, or any other "normal" flying object. It had no light, just a red glow. source:

Cherry Hill-NJ-November, 2007-This sighting happened last month. I had driven over to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to visit my son. It was a windy, cloudy, rainy day. I stayed until about 10:00 PM. I hurried back to my car, trying to get out of the cold wind. I got to my car and as I was opening the door, I noticed this big reddish-orangish ball traveling in the sky from across the road.

It was headed towards where I had parked my car. It was the same as watching an airplane fly over head. I stood there watching this big, burning-looking red-orange ball pass overhead. It made no sound at all. As it traveled through the dark clouds, it really lit them up. I watched this ball travel on a steady path until it was out of my eyesight. Thanks to M.G. source:

New York-12-25-Long Island-The witness claims that his sighting is recurring. When the skies are clear, witness can see an aerial object cruising overhead. On Christmas Day, he went outside to have a smoke about 2:00 PM. He saw this unknown object again for about 20 seconds, and then another one about an hour later. He is now equipped with a camera and soon hopes to capture these objects on film. He is certain that the unknown flying object is not an airplane or other everyday object. He has now seen the objects four times. source:

Philadelphia-PA-I would like to share two UFO sightings that I had. The first occurred when I was 12 years old. It was on a beautiful, bright and sunny Saturday morning. I was walking my dog through the park heading for my favorite spot, the local train tressel. When I arrived at the tressel, I stopped in my tracks. Hovering above the tressel was this big, very silvery shining cylinder.

I could see it as I approached the tressel, but at the time, I thought it was something that was built onto some part of the tressel. It hovered not too far above the tressel. It made no sound at all and it hung motionless in the sky. At the very bottom of it was this huge white light that was flashing what looked like a Morse Code-type message. I starred at it for what at the time seemed like forever until it began to rise upward steadily and quickly until it was gone. I remembered my dog and set off to find her. I found her on my way back home. thanks to M.G.-source:

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  1. I saw someting unexplainable in the sky a couple of months ago. Something is out there!!


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