Sunday, June 3, 2007

Latest UFO Sightings Reports

Here are the latest UFO Sightings reported to UFOs/Aliens.

California-05-28-The witness went out to his patio to drink coffee. He looked toward the northeast, and saw an unknown object. He thought that it might be some type of balloon that had been released or escaped from some nearby fair grounds, however, the object was not effected by the breeze in any way. Oddly, as the object moved away, witness could see a smaller black object join itself to the UFO.

Colorado-Black Triangle-05-26-A family was out walking their dog in the middle of Washington Park. Their 11-year-old son pointed to the sky, and said, "What's that?" The boy's family could see event search lights on the clouds above, and thought the youngster was referring to them. But, they then saw a dark, triangular, or boomerang-shaped object slowly moving across the clouds, which were lit up by the lights from the search beams. The search lights could not illuminate the object, however, only the clouds. The UFO continued to slowly leave their area of view, after about 3-4 minutes.

Ohio-04-16-A lady was sky watching, when she saw an object moving toward her. The object did not have the standard FAA lights, and made no noise. A light appeared in one corner of the object only briefly, and then went out. Then another light appeared in front of the UFO, beginning dimly, and then brightening. The object moved over the house, and the witness lost sight of it. I talked to the witness, and have seen some of the video she took. I hope to post some still frames soon, and get a link to the film for you.

Oregon-05-28-I thought the following report was very compelling. A couple was hiking near a lake, and coming over a hill, they could see down in a valley a bright light, and hear a "horrific" sound. The light/object began to lift up from the ground, and the two witnesses ran away in fear. Finally, they looked back to see that the unknown object was indeed gone. They did contact local police, but were told there was nothing that could be done.

Tennessee-05-24-Our witness was eating dinner in Johnson City. He was on the patio, and just happened to look to the sky, and saw what he initially thought was a jet plane's landing lights going out. As the object flew closer, it suddenly became very bright, and increased in size. Then, it simply shot up into the sky at an incredible speed. The witness had seen many planes before, but this was a truly incredible object, he stated.

Great Britain-04-15-Witness was getting ready for bed, when her "mum" called her, saying she had seen a UFO through the window. She called her to run to the window, and when she did, she was shocked to see how incredibly large the unknown object was. Witness states that the UFO was much too large and bright to be a star. Witness took several photographs of the UFO, which I have not been able to see so far. If I can access them, I will post them for all to see.

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