Thursday, June 28, 2007

Latest UFO Sighting Reports

Here are the latest UFO Sightings reported to UFOs/Aliens.

California-06-21-Witness was driving back to work from a lunch break, when he saw something shining in the sky. There was hardly anyone else around, which allowed him to focus more attention on the UFO. The object was elongated, like a cigar-shape. Because he was on the move in his car, it was difficult to see if the object was moving or not. As he pulled into his parking lot, and exited his vehicle, he looked up and the object was gone. He believes it may have been a UFO, but cannot be sure.

Colorado-06-20-An extended family was staying overnight in Cumbres Pass. Witness' father-in-law was talking about how isolated and beautiful the area was. During the evening hours, the witness was doing some star gazing, as the sky was so clear. Suddenly, he heard a very loud sound, like a jumbo jet going over. But, whatever was making the sound was flying very low because it shook the RV they were in. Looking to see the source of the sound, witness spotted some lights just over a tree line not too far away. There were no lights in the sky high enough to be FAA lights-the only thing he could see were the low lights over the trees. The next morning they were all awakened by a helicopter circling the area. It was flying around in the area where the lights had been.

Illinois-Summer, 2000-Witnesses saw "flare-like" orange lights that appeared to be falling in an apex in a triangle formation. At first, they thought they were seeing military flares. The objects, whatever they were, maintained their original position to each other, unlike flares. The couple drove around to try to get a better look at the objects, but could not. They appeared to be lights of a triangle-shaped object. The sighting has stayed with them for seven years, and they have just recently reported it.

Nevada-06-20-While walking up the stairs to her apartment building, witness looked up and saw "2 identical white lights traveling at the same speed", constant with each other and never veering. At the time of the sighting, witness felt very dizzy. She is sure what she saw were not planes or shooting stars. The objects did not have lights, but possessed their own glow as they traveled along. Each of the objects slowly disintegrated, one at a time.

Ohio-06-20-While walking the dog, witness looked up and observed what he believed to be 2 TR3A's heading east in an approximate 25 degree climb about 100-200 miles apart, moving at a high rate of speed. They appeared to be making a final burn to sub-orbital altitude. Since we only have 2 TR3A's in the known inventory, and they never fly together (too valuable), witness assumes he saw 2 UFOs.

Pennsylvania-06-21-Traveling east on 422 toward Robesonia, witness spotted a bright light in the northern part of the sky. At first it looked the way Venus looks at night, shining very brightly. The sky was very blue and no clouds were present in its area of sight. Next the object started to "uncloak" itself, and appeared to be in the shape of a cylinder that was shiny and metallic. The object soon vanished from sight.

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