Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Bad Fads Museum

Now this place is a real hoot! You can read up on everything from The Bermuda Triangle to Hacky Sack to Ouija Boards! I have spent the last few hours just browsing through all the stuff they have to offer.

Here's a little taste of what is there:

Lava Lamps

Proving that not all fads were necessarily born to be ridiculed, motion lamps, including the popular LAVA® brand motion lamps, are one of the most well liked fad items ever. Created by Craven Walker, a motion lamp is a long cylinder within which a waxlike substance was heated, causing the substance to slowly bubble, float and move about the glass encasement. Illuminated by a soft light within, the wax would continue to move endlessly.

Marketed in the United States as LAVA LITE® and LAVA® brand motion lamps, more than 2 million of the items were sold as decorations and meditative units. After almost 10 years on the market, sales of motion lamps plummeted in the mid 1970's but their aesthetic appeal never really did. This was one of the few fads which did not die out because people got sick of it but rather because eventually they just became a norm.

note: Haggerty Enterprises, Inc. is the only manufacturer of the true LAVA® brand motion lamp.

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