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Latest UFO Sightings for May 11, 2010

10 May 2010 - California, US - I was sitting outside and looking towards the sky when suddenly I saw a meteor falling. Problem is that it was bright blue. I stood up because it was so bright I thought there may be an impact. As I got up I saw the light climbing back into the sky. Straight up. I then thought it was someone shooting fireworks until it started moving abnormally and then started moving off to the North. At this time I ran into the house and got my wife, who also observed the object as it was moving off in a north, northwest direction. There were no other color or flashing lights or sounds, and it was very blue in color. The most remarkable thing was the rate of decent and ascent. It was moving as quickly as a meteor at first until it dropped out of sight behind the houses across the street. As it rose back into the sky it was moving erratically, then moved off almost straight and level. I estimate this object to have appeared approximately two miles from my position.

I'm still not sure I believe my own eyes, save for the fact my wife observed the object as well. It will be interesting to see if anyone else saw anything out there tonight. I know there were several airplanes in the vicinity and should have been able to see the object.

10 May 2010 - New Jersey, US - A close friend and I were outside smoking cigarettes when a bright object in the sky caught our attention. This was at approximately 20:50 EST. The object appeared to be just a very bright star at first-- which was what caught our attention. It was later determined to be moving, however, after a closer study.

A few points to supplement this assertion are:
1) object was eclipsed momentarily by tree limbs at several points and but would always return to open sky, as perceived from our position in front of my house.

2) it flickered as it moved back and forth along the horizon and in circular or arc-shaped, sweeping motions to and fro.

3) the object's light would dim after it reached the peak of its arc-maneuver and hence begin to move in the opposite direction, and would brighten considerably when facing us. the path of the light's beam could be seen when facing from side to side.

4) once in awhile, the light would juke every which way and at odd combinations of sharp angles, in short bursts of incredible speed.

It at first seemed to be hovering over one point but we found the object to be maneuvering away from our position, as it eventually disappeared over the horizon. We were both compelled by strange, anxious feelings for the duration of the sighting.

We repeatedly had to back up to keep the object in our view and actually had to move to my second-story balcony for the last ten minutes of the event, as if hypnotized to stare at this weird light until it could no longer be viewed. This was at approximately 21:19.

I attempted to signal the object with a MAG-light-- in numeric combinations of numbers counting down from three-- but to no avail. At one point, I attempted to use the 75-watt bulbs in the balcony lights as well. But still, the object retreated.

I judged the object to be three miles away at first and was gone forty minutes later, still moving in the direction of the Delaware Water Gap. This thing was very bright and very noticeable; I would find it hard to believe that nobody else saw it besides the two of us.

10 May 2010 - Los Angeles, California, US - That was truly a life changing event, I'm speechless! 6 spheres, or 1 craft just flew right over for everyone in Los Angeles to see. You just had to be looking up to the south to see the most amazing thing! I've always been a skeptic until tonight. I'm still spooked as i'm writing this. It passed thru my line of sight for at least 5 seconds, no sound, no ******* sound. There was a plane heading southwest, thats what originally caught my eye. and then heading from my left to right, 6 lights appeared in a triangle formation, I said holy ****, as it gracefully crossed my line of sight, I noticed the spheres were opaque, beige tinted kinda like the color of the moon through clouds! (There is not a cloud in the sky tonight) as it passed and started to fade it almost appeared to rotate or tumble, and then was gone flying south! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Somebody else had to see this. IT FLEW RIGHT OVER LOS ANGELES, and was definitely visible long enough to be filmed. I stared into the sky, motionless, mouth dry from a dropped jaw for ten minutes, tingling with chicken skin from head to toe. I contemplated what I saw, and I remember automatically thinking that we are not alone, and I saw proof of it tonight! That was not manmade, it was ******* cruisin man. There's no way that I can judge how far away it was, but in contrast to the plane moving like a slug at altitude, this thing was agile and silent. I also remember waiting for the sound wave that should've followed, and there was nothing, the light rumble of a plane at nearby lax is all I heard! I lost sight of it in the distance! The hairs on the back of my neck are still standing! Someone else had to see this, I'm not ******* crazy! I don't see things. My life is forever changed!

9 May 2010 - Missouri, US - On Sunday, my wife and kids were fishing at our house when my 2 yr old pointed at a passenger jet flying over head. I looked up and watched the jet cross the sky when an extremely bright object caught my eye. The sky was clear, bright blue sky around 5:00pm. This object was shiny silver, long cigar shaped and just sat there in the sky. I pointed to it to show my kids, 7yrs, 5yrs, and 2yrs. They all looked at it, my wife didn't want to admit she saw it, she thinkgs I'm crazy to want to see a ufo. But clear as day, this thing just hovered in one spot, not moving at all, and I know it couldn't have been any kind of balloon. I talked to it and said,"come on, come down here..", " I see you up there", and when I said that it seemed to get brighter, then floated off to the northwest. It never went up or down, but stayed at the same level so it couldn't have been balloons. Plus it was extremely bright for something in the sky during the day. I hope someone else saw it in my area.

8 May 2010 - Virginia, US - I was on my break from work, outside eating my lunch. This was at night during graveyard shift. I looked up into the sky and admired the stars at night. I saw several different stars, and one that I thought was Mars. I told myself, wow Mars is bright tonight. I ate my lunch, and then lied on the ground because of being tired while looking up at the sky. The star that I thought was Mars looked as if it was moving. My eyes gazed upon it, and it was moving in a very unpredictable zig zag motion. I thought that it may be a airplane, but airplanes don't stop nor zig zag as they would crash. I thought maybe a helicopter, but choppers do not look like Mars nor be that high up into the sky. The star would zig zag, stop in mid flight, and then turn in the complete opposite direction. The star was fixed in the sky while I was eating, but the minute I laid on the ground, it started moving. It seemed to know that I noticed it. It would sometimes circle, go back and forth, and then stop in midflight. No sound, nor any sign of any fuel propultion system.

As I was watching it more closely, I thought well maybe a satelite. But an orbiting satalite does not zig zag. I admired it for a little while, but then I had to return to work. On my second break, the sky was more hazy and all of the stars could not be seen. I laid back down again, and saw another star. This star was fixed, but did show up through the haze. I be darned, that star the started doing the same motion. I laughed at myself, and thought why do I make stars move. I shined my cell phone light up at it, but did not seem to get any response. The star did not look like Mars on the second break. It looked like a normal star light years away. But as this star started dancing, it got the Mars orange tint to it again.

In my opinion, it was was either in space or at the edge of earth's atmosphere. I think it was a technology that we do not have that I am aware of. Looking up into the sky, nobody would have noticed it at all. It fit into the whole sky. I would not have noticed either, until it started moving.

When I came to my belief that it was something from space, I thought that they were using it to see what us earthlings are doing. It wanted to be under cover. I think people who look for UFO's expect to see lights, triangles, or saucers, but does not think a star would be a UFO.

It was like a secret camera fixed to watch us in our normal day to day lives. The spies new that if the came in their ship, then there cover would be broken. It reminded me of like a probe driod from Star Wars.
I am a believer in alien life way before this event.

I admire Bill Birnes and the UFO Hunters. I have a bachelor's degree in psychology, and I am aware of all of the hullicinations and sometimes mind tricks. But this was as clear as a bell.

So it was no suprise to me to see a real extrordinary event. This was my first UFO sighting, so it confirms in my mind that we are not alone.

8 May 2010 - Missouri, US - Note: I took this report by phone this morning May 10, 2010 by a man who said he lived in the county near Platte City. He wishes to remain anonymous. I asked him to keep in touch with me and if he remembered anything else to give me a call. I named him John Doe because he did not want to give his name out, saying that his job would be in jeapordy if word got out. I assured him that all information would be kept confidential, but he said he couldn't take the risk. Margie Kay


The man stated that he went outside to tend to his dogs at approximately 9:15 PM when a light in the Northwest part of his pasture where he keeps cows caught his eye. He said that there was a beam of light coming down from a black triangular object. It looked like the depth from top to bottom was approximately 50 feet or so, the sides were very even and squared. There were three small white lights, one on each corner of the object, and one big white/blue light in the center. The object was approximately 300 yards from his position and looked like it was at least 100 yards in width from corner to corner. After he watched it for about 5-10 minutes, the beam of light went out and the craft moved upward into the clouds until he could no longer see it clearly. The UFO then moved in a Southwest direction very slowly, and just above the clouds. He stated that there was no sound whatsoever. He could see the lights on the UFO as it moved through the clouds. He stated that he was too paralyzed to move and go get a camera, but he thought that it would be too dark to get a picture anyway. He has never seen anything like this before. I asked him if he had gone to look at the area where he saw the light beaming down on his field and he said no, but he would sometime this week. He seemed somewhat afraid to go look at it. His wife was inside the house at the time and he has not told her about this, but wanted to tell someone what he saw. I also asked him to send me a sketch.

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