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Great Granddaughter of President Eisenhower Exposes UFO Spy Game

In an article published by, and in posts published at several web sites, a person who claims to be Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, has been promoting an outlandish claim about a super-secret private effort to build a permanent outpost on Mars.

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( -- The great-granddaughter of President Eisenhower is alleging an attempted recruitment by persons known for their association with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Although the story was initially dismissed due to the outlandish claims and further embellishment cloaked in new age concepts, background research on file at STARstream Research, dating to 2006 appears to confirm at least some of the more down-to-earth details provided by Ms. Eisenhower.

In the web posting of her account of events, Ms. Eisenhower, who has now been identified as Laura Mahon, claims that in April 2006, she had been approached by "a man who we are calling Agent X."

"Agent X" released a statement to the public, in which he identifies himself as Richard Dell, of the Advanced Vehicle Research Center of North Carolina.

According to Ms. Eisenhower, following an engagement in June of the same year, "Agent X" "started to reveal things to me about this group he goes to who are quite psychic and deal with alien abduction related things. He himself had witnessed something truly bizarre with an animal skinned, that had all the blood sucked out and that the radiation or energy around this really affected his health for a long time."

The intriguing details behind this story involve contacts with persons know to be involved in US government intelligence activities, and in the research of alternative energy and aerospace propulsion systems, including nuclear powered rockets.

Based upon Ms. Eisenhower's account, Susan Eisenhower would be her mother.

At her website, Susan Eisenhower, a key energy consultant to the US government, identifies her three children, including Laura, and mentions twin grandchildren, which is consistent with Ms. Eisenhower's account. Ms. Eisenhower mentions that she "had given birth to twin sons" in her on-line statement.

Ms. Eisenhower's associate, Ki' Lia, provided a corroborative account at her own website.

As a matter of disclosure, persons associated with STARstream Research have had contact with Mr. Dell and some of his associates, for several years.

For the latest information and links to the stories concerning Ms. Eisenhower's allegations, please visit

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