Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pittsburgh UFO sightings in 2009

There were a total of 64 UFO sighting reports filed for the four-county metropolitan Pittsburgh region this year. Leading the way was Westmoreland County with 37 sightings, followed by Allegheny with 18, Beaver 5, and Washington 4. One of the more interesting reports came shortly after the New Year, on January 3. A witness was driving west on Lincoln Way toward the intersection of Route 48, when he noticed a bright string of lights forming a triangular-shaped object hovering motionless above a Giant Eagle parking lot. The witness admitted to being a poor judge of height and size, but claimed the object was huge, and close to the ground. While watching the object, more lights started to appear on the edges. The lights suddenly lit up with a brilliant flash before returning to the original light pattern. The object then seemed to simply vanish into thin air. Another sighting of note was reported on September 7 from a witness who observed a strange object while sitting in his parked car at the Pittsburgh Mills mall. The witness noticed a strange, dark, pea-sized circle. Using a pair of binoculars, the object appeared to be shiny at times, then become more transparent before becoming cylindrical in shape. The witness estimated the size of the object to be between 40-100 feet in length.

The "Pittsburgh Lights" reported in September were strikingly similar to a rash of similar reports that came in from all across the United States, including: Anaheim, California; Boise, Idaho; Illinois, and many more. The lights were attributed to an earlier launching of a NASA rocket.

At least half of the 37 Westmoreland County sightings came from a single witness out of Murrysville, Pennsylvania. The Mutual UFO Network (Mufon) conducted several investigations including detailed analysis of still photos and digital video submitted by the witness. As a result of the investigations, Mufon determined that these sightings were all a hoax.

The following is a delayed report of a sighting that occurred in St. Petersburg, Florida in October. The report was filed today.

St. Petersburg, Florida - Coming from the clouds in the northern sky was a large triangular-shaped object. The object was almost the same light gray as the clouds. The witness watched as the object slowly changed to the darkness of the sky. By the time the object came directly over the witness' house he would have never seen it unless he had his eyes fixated on it for the entire time. The object was a giant triangle approximately one mile from tip to tip. The object had a dim light on the front, and it blocked out the stars above as it continued to travel. The object finally disappeared over the clouds to the south. The witness estimated that the total time of travel from north to south was about three minutes.

via The Examiner

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