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Latest UFO Sightings for 31 December 2009

It’s the last day of 2009, and here are the latest UFO sightings. Feel free to leave a comment concerning any of these sightings. Your feedback is always welcome. Happy New Year everyone!

30 December 2009 – Pennsylvania, USA – Three bright blasts of white light over the town of Mt Pleasant. About ten minutes later we heard helicopters. More than one at first. Could here them for a few minutes before we decided to go outside. One flew over very low. We only saw the one, but we had definitely heard more than one. They were loud and low. Seemed to look dark blue, long and big, and had search lights on. Lights seemed to be too high for fireworks, although it is a possibility. Don't know why helicopters would have showed up like that for one quick incident of fireworks.

30 December 2009 – Washington, DC, USA – I was sitting at my computer looking at Live cameras in various cities. I went to and look at our nations capital. There was a link to a U.S. Park Service camera that had a view from the Netherlands Carillon Looking East. Visual range, according to the camera, is approximately 88 miles.

I copied the picture it took to my desktop and when it updated a couple minutes later, the "effect" was gone. I am attaching the photo that the NPS camera took as I saw it. No tampering has been done to the attached photo.

29 December 2009 – Alberta, Canada – Walking on a moonlit trail at 7:30 p.m. My partner noticed a bright light in the sky. it was not moving quickly,with sound or blinking. For me it was larger than a light on a plane and brighter with white centre and red edge. Watching this light accelerate and slow down holding a straight course slowly across the sky. Then I noticed a second object farther south flying in a similar manner. After 40 seconds the first on became dimmer and disappeared the second did the same thing in a similar spot in the sky. No sooner had the second fizzed out a third one came out of the same area in the south sky and did a similar flight pattern again and disappeared as well after 30 seconds. I've seen comet's, meteor's, northern lights, sky lab, The ISS and satellites never seen anything like this.

29 December 2009 – Ohio, USA – We had just come back from the movies, I went and saw Paranormal activity with a few friends. I stopped and got some beer on the way home but the puppy was barking as soon as we got in so i took her out to go potty, I noticed the sky was clear and out of the corner of my eye I saw what looked like a string of lights. It was moving almost like a flock of geese would, going from west to east. It looked like a bunch of very distant stars almost all being blown around together. I don’t think there is really anything to compare its motion to. I'd like to say a string being blown in the wind but it would have to be a very light string. I Watched it for a minute and yelled for my fiance to come see but he did not come, so i went in to grab my digital camera which was sitting on the coffee table, I only took one picture and after seeing how dark the image was I gave up on the idea, it may have been because i didn’t turn the flash off but by this time the objects were moving further away and i made one last attempt to call my fiance out who did come when they were very distant. unfortunately he said he wasn’t able to see the lights.Maybe I'm crazy but I’m very certain I saw this if you'd like I do have the picture without being edited what so ever and it is on a digital camera if that matters. I have the original and I tried to make the image lighter...there were no clouds in the sky but it appears there are in the picture but I’m guessing that was only my breath. When i saw the objects they were in front of me, our puppy goes to the right in our flower bed to use the restroom, while watching her i noticed the objects and looked up. I would retype this but the website is deleting AS i type so I don’t want to retype this whole thing... I got the link to this website after looking up possible explanations for what i saw.

29 December 2009 – Louisiana, USA – My 2 kids & I were driving home after picking up some batteries at the Dollar General store at 5497 Airline Drive in Bossier City, Louisiana. The receipt says I checked out at 6:43pm, so it probably took about 10 minutes to get to the area where we all 3 saw the object. In order to get home, we drive north on Airline, turn right (east) onto "Linton", then right again onto "Parks". This road, "Parks", is very winding & runs along the edge of a bayou/large man-made lake, "Cypress Lake/Black Bayou". We had just gone over the very small bridge on "Parks" that goes over the water there (you can see this all in detail on Mapquest using 5497 Airline- zip 71111" "as the start & "220 Running Deer Lane -zip 71006" as the end, although the road doesn't look near as winding on the aerial view because it doesn't show the road blocks that are up now, etc.) at which point the road makes a very sharp turn & is flanked by a tall levy on the left (north) side & a swamp area on the other. In the distance ahead, above the levy, we could see a very bright "star" off to the left side of the horizon above the trees. It was very cloudy, with no other stars visible, I noticed. It was very still. I saw it, but said nothing, as my hubby is always on the lookout for ufo's & I do believe they exist, but unlike him, I don't like talking about it with the kids so much, as I think it might be a bit confusing to them. So, I just looked & said nothing, but then my 8-year-old son says, "Hey Mom, look at that star over there; isn't it weird?"

I said it was pretty bright, at which he asked if I thought it was the North star. I told him I didn't think that it was a star, really. Too big & bright. Maybe it's a light on the top of an oil derrick or a REALLY tall crane. (I'd never seen either there before, but there's been quite a bit of construction right in that very area were now driving through.) "An oil derrick, THAT HIGH???", he answered, skeptically. "I bet it's a UFO."

"Oh, God. Now his dad's got him all into that stuff too", I thought. "Well, I don't know about that for sure. We'll see in a minute when we get up here."

Ok. So all that transpired in about 30 seconds time, maybe, & the bright light was now directly ahead of us, I'd assumed it looked like that because of the sharp curving of the road, not because the light itself moving. It was so smooth & slow & level, it seemed. I was trying to NOT think of this as a weird situation with my kids! In fact, by now I was so dumbfounded that I only put together certain details that didn't add up to its being anything BUT a UFO/government craft until after it was over & I had time to think about it. Because of the heavy road construction & short detour, the trees blocked it from our view as we passed the dam (clearly visible on the aerial-view map) but I could see it as we rounded the bend & it was bright as ever & now on our RIGHT side & still up ahead, but it appeared to be much closer at this point, which was about 3600 feet from where we first saw it at the bend in the road. We kept traveling up the road at the same speed of about 45 mph for another 2000 feet or so, & the thing was still there as big & bright as up in the night sky right ahead of us. So we are all just saying,"Oh my God!!! LOOK! Do you see that?!", to each other, even though, of course, we all do. As I turn around the last very sharp turn on this road, it comes to a stretch of road that is very straight for about 1400 feet before ending in a "T" at "Crouch Rd,". (On the aerial map, this will appear as a right-angle some distance after the dam, which then makes another very sharp, almost-right-angle immediately after the first. It was this second turn after which we saw the UFO very closely) Right when I made the turn, it was just there plain as day, about 4 stories(?) above the ground, very low. I saw the triangular shape & the flickering lights on the back & said aloud to myself, "Oh, that's just something from Barksdale", as it looked rather like one of those pointy stealth planes. But then I thought, WAIT- IT'S NOT MAKING ANY SOUND & IT'S NOT MOVING EITHER! To say that I was tripping out would be an understatement. I neglected to mention that there was another vehicle, I think it was a truck, behind me riding my bumper this whole time, & so as I thought of stopping for a closer look, I also was afraid they'd rear-end me. I knew there was a road coming up on the left, "Cypress Village", that NEVER has any traffic on it, so I planned to do a U-turn & then stop to get a better view.

It was all happening so fast! As I approached that road, we were almost under it & we could see the huge dark shape of it above with 3 round, bright lights in the middle in a triangle pattern, & with 4 smaller red & white lights in a row along the back end which were lighting up in a certain rapid sequence over & over. I can't recall if they lit up clockwise or counter-clockwise....At the very end before I turned, I had to lean completely up over the steering wheel & look straight up through the windshield to still see it. It was jaw-dropping, scary, yet amazing. I did the fastest u-ee ever on that street & by the time I had done the 180, it was far up into the sky appearing as a plane flying over might look. it was also going back in the direction we'd just come from rather quickly. I grabbed my phone & called my hub, as this would've been his ultimate dream to have experienced, & told him we were now following the craft back in the other direction. We stayed on the phone for the short time that we could still see it, way up ahead, & by the time we rounded the blind-spot detour this second, speedier time, it had vanished. It was amazing that the phone worked, because that whole area, from that very first curve by the bridge all the way to some good distance up "Crouch" is usually a dead zone, although there has been a couple of other times where it didn't drop my call. I was glad he got to hear what was happening at least. My son said afterward that he was shaking from fright, & my 5-year-old daughter isn't afraid of anything, so it was really just an adventure to her. :) I was quite shaken & feel as if I must be crazy, although I know & my kids know what we each saw that night. I sat in the car talking to my friend, whom I called right after it was over, & my son went inside the house, & unbeknownst to me, started drawing a pic to show Dad what it looked like. (He's actually rather good artist for his age too!) After I came in a few minutes later, I took Dad into the back of the house to tell him all about it, & drew a very simple sketch showing the basic shape & position of the lights on it. Shortly after that, my son came in & held up his much-better version of the same thing I'd drawn only minutes before. At this point, I'm still a bit confused about why it did that, & only wonder where it came from - space, or from the nearby Barksdale AFB. And who was in that truck behind me & where did they go? I didn't notice in the middle of my freakout....I'd like to find them & talk about it; surely they saw it too. Also, I'd like to mention that we saw another mysterious light in the sky back in the summer this year. It was in South Shreveport, on a piece of property owned by my boss on Wallace Lake Rd. As I said, dear hub's ALWAYS keeping an eye out, & I've gotten called away from doing dishes or other tasks to check out things that turn out to be planes, satellites, etc. on many occasions in the past. But this night, as we were out stargazing, we saw a BRIGHT light in the sky verrrryyyy far away amongst the stars which stopped & started a few times & then just shrank inward from a big bright halo of light to absolutely within maybe a minute's time. Very odd, but this recent event tops it all!!! I'll try to send a copy of the sketches soon!


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