Monday, February 23, 2009

UFOs spotted near Stansted Airport - UK

The Dunmow Broadcast

IF STANSTED does get the go-ahead for an additional second runway there could be a few uninvited guests trying to land on the new stretch of tarmac.

Avid photographer John Mayer, 61, from Little Hallingbury, has been out with his camera over recent months taking part in his much-loved hobby.

After looking through photographs he had taken of St Mary's Church in Little Hallingbury, he noticed in one some very peculiar shapes in the sky.

He said: "I have seen 'objects' in the sky over many years and in many different locations which could not be called weather balloons or odd shaped clouds. Yes, there is something unknown in our skies, that much is a fact - about 30 years ago, we had lots of UFO sightings in the village."

The latest picture was taken this month after what Mr Mayer describes as a quiet period of five months.

"It seems to go in fits and starts," he said, "Hatfield Forest is the centre of activity but we seem to get a fair amount of 'overfly' in Little Hallingbury.

"Is it from another world is another question altogether. The abilities of the craft would suggest that they could be and there is no longer any solid reason why they should not be visiting us.

"That however, does not constitute proof that they are from another world and until we know that they are going to remain unidentified.

"Until then we must make our own judgement based on what we do know. I am lead to the view that something is visiting us, mainly due to the performance of these aircraft.

"I happen to think that these are just too advanced to be from our own world and I cannot rule the extraterrestrial hypothesis."