Monday, February 23, 2009

The Tucson Mountains UFO flap continues, new sightings

All News Web

Around two weeks ago All News Web reported on a number of witnesses who saw a rather impressive UFO in the Tucson Mountains area of Arizona. It appears as if whatever it was in sky then has stayed on in the area or returned for another visit, even bringing some friends along this time, prompting many locals to ask what is going on in the skies above them.

Theories abound and the most popular one suggests that the craft are the work secret military projects. Another suggestion based on the conclusions of the investigations by South American Ufologist, Andrea Perez Simondini, regarding the recent Rosario sighting in Argentina where a ‘UFO’ was seen shooting a beam to earth, is that the craft are kites fitted with lighting, flown at night by hobbyists. Of course if neither of these explanations fit we need to consider the possibility that these craft belong to visitors from other planets.

The most recent sightings in the Tucson area occurred on the night of the 21st February. One witness, a 63 year old local woman who describes herself as ‘too old for games’, was at her daughter’s house in the desert north east of Tucson when she and her family saw the UFOs. This occurred Last week and again on the above mentioned date. The first time they were to the south-east of her daughter’s home and the second time they were to the west in the vicinity of penal County Airport.

‘The main light was a large, whitish light and had several orangey red lights that came from it and circled the area. There also were two other white lights in the same area. On two occasions light came out of the main one towards the ground. The white light on the main one would go from a yellowish white to a bright white then back again. It also appeared to change shapes from round to oblong (horizontally) and back. It also had a green and blue along with red lights especially on the bottom’ the witness noted in a rather graphic description. ‘It was real’ she concluded.

The witness took a few photos on her cell phone.

Another witness, a retired businessman from Tucson, also noticed the craft when he stopped his car on the side of the road to fix a tyre on the evening of the 21st of February. ‘I looked up and saw the UFOs in the vicinity of the airport. The things looked pretty hi-tech. I doubt they were kites; the way they flew and looked they were either spaceships or secret Airforce projects. I have never seen anything quite like it’. He noted.

Many ufologists argue that there seems something odd and inherently contradictory about the official story the government rolls out whenever these sightings occur.

'On one hand we are assured that the military would not do anything in populated areas that would confuse or frighten locals and on the other we are assured that the government has no knowledge on the topic of UFOs. Yet the sightings are occurring and unless they are the work of truly world class hoaxers with almost supernatural abilities at keeping their identities secret they are probably either alien craft or secret military operations' one UFO expert commented.