Monday, January 12, 2009

Latest UFO Sightings for January 12, 2009

I was going on a photo assignment during the New Year Eve, heading toward a resort hotel to cover the fireworks display. I positioned myself at a Tungku Beach facing the hotel from a distance, so that I could catch the fireworks and the hotel all in one frame.

When the fireworks started, I began firing shots with my camera using a cable release connected to my Canon EOS 5D digital camera + Canon 70-200MM F2.8 IS (L) lens and a Manfrotto tripod stand. The fireworks were at the Empire Hotel and Country Club. They lasted for about 20-30 minutes. Without checking my LCD screen on my camera as most of the shots were burst frames, I left the area.

When I was processing the RAW images captured from the camera, I realized there was one shot which had something appearing on the left side of the screen so I zoomed in to see what it was. I was shocked! In the image, the object seemed to be hovering above the water, and it looked as if it was not too far away from us.

Strangely, the object wasn't seen with my naked eye when I was there. There were thousands of people gathered around the same area to view the fireworks, and possibly one of them may have seen the object. I might have seen it, but it was quite dark from my view. Or maybe, I was drawn to the fireworks so I didn't notice it. source:

Great Britain-01-01-09-I watched three star-like objects move in a straight line, one after the other. They approached from the north shore of Llandudno over the Great Orme, and disappeared towards the west shore heading west toward Ireland.

They were yellow/orange/green, and very bright like stars, but there was no sound and no trail. They were low in the sky moving at a steady pace and on a straight course.

I watched them with my 16-year-old daughter for about ten minutes before they disappeared over the houses to the left of my house. It was a very cold night (minus 3c), and very clear although there was a freezing fog.

The New Year's fireworks had long since ended, and it was eerily quiet. We went to bed after they had gone, but got up ten minutes later when we heard the sound of a helicopter and planes over the Great Orme. We couldn't see them as they were over the horizon, but assumed they had been dispatched to seek the strange objects. source:

Great Britain-01-01-09-While walking back from shops in Cookham, I looked up and saw a big orange glow in the sky. I thought it was a plane as I'm on a fly path, but there were no navigation lights that I could see.

All I could see was a big orange glow coming across the sky. I watched it for two minutes, and it kept moving. I am sure it was not a plane, as I have seen so many, and know this was not an airplane. More than anything else, I am anxious to know if anyone else might have seen this thing. source:

Ukraine-09-20-08-On the evening of September 20, 2008 a Canadian friend of mine and I were driving down Blvd. Lesi Ukrayinky in downtown Kyiv at approx 11:40 PM when I looked out the window to the southeast and saw about six red lights in the sky in the form of a "W" or "M" spread out widely. The lights were clearly visible, and traveling below the clouds in a south to north direction. We stopped the car to get out and get a better look.

After staying in view for about another 45 seconds, they faded out one by one in sequential order from left to right. These were followed by two more lights which traveled the same trajectory, and seemed to move from the horizon to almost directly above us in about 20 seconds.

The color of all the lights was a uniform glow that was of a color which seemed like a combination of orange, pink and red.

There was no twinkling and no sound, just a steady light source which seemed to have a black leading edge to the light. The lights seemed to flow as if they were gliding across the sky as opposed to exhibiting forced air displacement characteristic of a plane. The gliding was as effortless as a light source on an oscilloscope. I would guess they were at an altitude of about 2,000 feet and below the clouds.

During the incident I managed to phone another Canadian friend who was here as well, and he made it to his apartment window in time to see the last light for a few seconds before it faded. The whole incident seemed to take no more than two minutes from start to finish.

There were dozens of cars on the street at the time, but no one seemed to notice and no one stopped in our vicinity.

I later checked the BBC for the current weather in Kyiv and it showed winds in a southeasterly direction at 11 MPH. The lights were going against the wind south to north and they literally crossed the sky in a matter of seconds. They definitely didn't seem like flares and seemed to have an intelligent control to them as they first came to a full stop before fading. For the next few minutes my friend and I couldn't stop talking, wondering what we had seen.

Later I checked a Ukrainian web site called 'Ukrayina Anomalnaya' and was surprised to see a report of a similar incident which had taken place over Kyiv several days earlier on September 6 or 7, 2008. source: