Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lastest UFO Sightings for January 21, 2009

Arizona-01-03-08-I was facing north on my driveway talking on the telephone. It was a clear night, and unseasonably warm for December. In the sky north of Benton, I saw an orb of light descend quickly towards the ground.

It moved at a speed which is unlike I have ever seen any typical aircraft. The light was a solid bright yellow, and had to be within a mile from where I was standing.

The craft moved rapidly down, and abruptly stopped still above a tree line. It wasn't too far from the ground when it stopped, probably 50 feet above the trees. The aircraft then flashed slightly brighter, and disappeared. No noise. No trail. It just vanished. source:

Florida-01-02-09-I was driving on 26 W Okeechobee Rd, Hialeah, FL, United States, south in the front passenger seat to Miami Beach for a work related issue. I was looking at an airplane when I saw a cloud in the far south change from white to yellow and back to white.

It looked interesting, so I locked on to it, when out of nowhere I started to notice something. At first I thought it was a bird, but as it got closer, I did not notice any wings or anything related to a bird.

I also thought it could be a balloon, but balloons don't stay in one spot. I could see that the object was pretty low in the sky, and I told the passenger with me to take a look. Now, there was no doubt, the object was metallic. I was totally shocked, and couldn't speak for a minute or two.

My Blackberry doesn't have a camera, so no pictures or video, but I know what I saw will stay with me for a long time.

Michigan-12-18-08-I was driving down Grand River, and spotted a vertical object hanging in the sky. It was moving very slowly in a rotating motion, like a top being spun.

The object was shaped like an acorn or diamond, and there were protrusions sticking out of the sides. I pulled my car over to a parking lot and the object disappeared before I could get a good look at it and take a picture of it on my cell phone.

It either faded away or took off very fast. source:

Oregon-12-29-08-On December 29, 2008, at 3:20 PM in Florence, while walking the grass field of Woahink Lake Park, Lane County, the sky suddenly thundered, and rumbled enough for us to take a immediate action for shelter to protect us from lightning.

But there was no lightning, just amazing sound of thunder. Out of the overcast sky a UFO appeared to drop. Thunder bellowed so deep.

The UFO appeared long and sleek. The front was V-shaped, with tapered wings and tail. The tail itself didn't look right. I have seen pictures of refueling jets before, but the tail seemed too large for any aircraft to fly. The tail protruded out to the body, somewhat slender at first, but fanned out to upward curve, like a scorpion tail, large. The tail was flat on the top.

The UFO dropped out of the sky right above us. It wasn't there. And then it was. It dropped of the sky from above and headed West toward the sand dunes, then the Pacific Ocean. The color was orange and silver.

With the way this object dropped out the sky, the speed was well beyond the sound barrier. The rumble explains the reducing speed sound. Maybe. The UFO proceeded at low flight level on the horizon, and disappeared rumbling over the tree tops to Pacific Ocean. submitted by Cheryl and John source: