Friday, August 8, 2008

Another UFO Sighting In Long Island, NY

This is the second sighting report we've received from Long Island, NY in the last six months. Seems like there is definitely something strange going on in the skies of Long Island. This report came in earlier today:
I live in massapequa, NY. I looked out my bathroom window facing the south side of Long Island. In the sky I noticed a very bright white steady light. At first it looked like a bright star or planet. As I was gazing at the object I noticed it moving slightly to the north then to the left then to the south and then to the right in all directions ever so slightly. Then after watching it move for 20-30 minutes it started to move to the left with greater speed and then just faded out to blackness. This happened a few weeks ago @ the middle to last week of July. The time was approximately midnight. Am I the only one to report such a sighting in the area? Thanks, Helen
Thank you for your report, Helen!

Click here to read the report from Greg F. earlier this year in March. These two sightings are only 51 miles apart, as you can see on the map below:

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