Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sighting of Flare-like Lights In Forest Near Parks, Arizona

This sighting comes from Brian in AZ:
While driving on a forest service road in Sept. of 1982 near Parks Arizona, a friend and I saw some very strange flare like lights streaking up from the ground. It was about 9pm and we were looking for a spot to camp. I was driving and my friend was shining a spot light out the passenger side window. He told me to "stop and look at this". I looked out through the forest in the direction of the spot light and could see nothing but forest to the end of the light. But when Howard turned off the spot, an orange flare like light with a round head and a wavering tail shot up from the ground to a height of about 200 ft.. At first we thought that it was somebody with a flare gun having fun. But after five minutes of shining the spot light through the forest and having a flare go up each time the spot light was turned off (probably 40-50 times) we decided it probably wasn't a flare gun. The spot light appeared to have a direct effect on what was causing the flare like light to shoot up. We were very curious but too spooked to hike out to see what was out there (probably about 1/4 mile away). We drove out and called the sheriffs office but they were not interested in investigating.
Thank you for your contribution, Brian!

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