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Latest UFO Sightings for March 18, 2008

I apologize that I am a bit late on this. I have been incredibly busy with work, and have little time for my side projects. But, here are the most recent UFO sightings as reported to Billy Booth at

Arizona-02-26-08-Tuesday night we decided to go up to Laughlin to the UFO Congress so we could touch base with Leo Sprinkle. We dropped the dogs off in Peoria and took I-17 to 74 to 93. While driving on 93, I noticed an unusually high number of lights in the sky, too numerous and too concentrated to be aircraft. We did notice at least three jets, because the lights on them were typical aircraft lights and not as bright.

The UFO lights were brilliant white with a blue hue to them. They appeared to "jump" and maneuver erratically. We also saw three to four flares to the east of these lights. I told Paul these were not planes, and for awhile he disagreed with me, until he also saw them "jump, " then they got into a formation and formed a perfect circle and all blinked on their lights at the same time for only a split second while in the circle formation, but it was very visible and apparent. There were at least 15-20 lights in the circle. After this, they seemed to disappear for a while. This sighting continued for about two hours from about 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM until we got to I-40 in Kingman. source:

California-02-26-08-I saw a glowing object in the sky. The object flew from south to north. I could not tell at what altitude it was, but it appeared to travel the entire sky in about 6 seconds. It was faintly lit and did not look like a falling star or an airplane.

It seemed too slow for a falling star and too fast for an airplane. It seemed to be a light orange-red color. Strange Indeed. source:

California-02-27-08-My wife and I were down in Point Loma at the old NTC base at about 6:45 PM, February 27, 2008, looking southwest when we saw 3 disc -like glowing objects with a yellowish glow. They were floating in position, with no noise, for about a minute.

Then the one on the far right just disappeared, almost like it evaporated. Then within seconds the other two did the same thing. This was witnessed by about 10 people. source:

Iowa-02-27-08-My wife and I were in our car driving home from my work. While traveling north on I-29 I noticed an object on the Nebraska side of the Missouri river flying to the west at what seemed to be a very low velocity, and at low altitude. I first thought it was an airplane. There is a small civilian airport/Air National Guard Base about 5 miles to the south of the area of my sighting.

To my knowledge, the airfield services small and medium commercial aircraft. The Guard operates KC-135 tankers. The object had flashing lights on it, similar to an aircraft. Indeed I first thought it was an airplane. But there was also a row of lights in a V- formation that seemed to strobe or flash in a distinct pattern. I observed this object for about 5 minutes until I lost sight of it as we traveled further north. source:

Van Wert, Ohio-Date Unspecified-My son, husband and I were in the backyard looking for meteors. We saw an object about the size of a softball, glowing bright yellow (with a strobe light). The object came through the northeast corner of our backyard, silently flew through the yard diagonally, and turned west at the corner of our house and flew beside our home.

It was only 8-10 feet off the ground. We were so dumbfounded that we all just stood there and didn't say anything for a bit. Sadly and regrettably, we didn't follow it. I would have thought I was nuts if my husband and son hadn't seen it too.

It was definitely not a meteor... it was too low... it flew slowly and was low to the ground and the light blinked with a strobe, slowly and methodically... not erratically. My son is 14, my husband is co-manager of a local grocery, and I am a church secretary. We were afraid to say anything sooner, even now, fearing others will think we are nuts. source:

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